HOLLYWOOD—Last week set the stage for the viewers to figure out where our protagonists were being held captive on “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Outpost 22’ allowed the audience to see WHERE they were being held. We opened the episode with Maggie taking that hack sack off her head as she struggled to free her herself, and then aided Gabriel as a solider of the Commonwealth was sleeping when he should have been on watch. They soon untied Rosita, and the three managed to escape undetected, that was until Maggie caused a bit of commotion prompting a violent crash people.

Rosita you should know better than to sleep out in the open and not expect danger to be headed in your direction. Thankfully, Gabriel came to her aide before should become a walker’s next victim. Ezekiel, Negan, Kelly and the others were still being held captive and they started to question what happened to them. They wondered if Gabriel, Rosita and Maggie managed to escape unharmed. A reform was about to take place; so this is what the Commonwealth does when people don’t align with their beliefs. The children would remain safe if they followed the rules.

Negan got separated from his new wife and to say he was unpleased would be an understatement people. It looked like they were living in an actual wasteland people, one that was rundown and quite desolate to say the least. As for Maggie, she was on her own, where she stumbled upon a small child, giving her the fear that it could be her son. Armed with a rock she was ready to strike, but she couldn’t take out the child walker and fled. Gabriel and Rosita bickered about the best approach to take to reunite with their child. Whew, I thought for a second Rosita got bit, but nope, she dislocated her arm.

Daryl and Carol were scoping out there new scenery watching that train and soldiers of the Commonwealth, that was until they spotted Connie. They wanted to strike, but were concerned about the backlash on the kids if they made a move. When a solider was about to take out that child walker, Maggie took him out, but later found herself struggling to maintain that child who wanted to eat her alive. With great restraint, she found the courage to take out the child, even though she didn’t want to. She later came face-to-face with Daryl and Carol, and the trio soon reunited with Rosita and Gabriel; so they are five strong now.

Daryl went to take with helping an injured solider who was on the verge of turning into a walker, as he begged for information about the final destination of that train. A bit of religion came into the forefront courtesy of Gabriel who was able to breakthrough to the solider who realized his time was nearing the end and asked for forgiveness. Back at the desolate camp, Ezekiel, Kelly and Negan started to discuss a plan to make a move. Several others made a run for it, and they ended up with bullets inside them as a result.

The fearless five as I call them, managed to get the upper hand on the conductor on one of the trains, as they made their move to infiltrate, just as walkers made their presence known people. The soldiers soon realized it was an ambush and gunfire erupted as a result. Connie was being used as leverage to get Daryl and the others to surrender. Connie managed a sneak attack that prompted Daryl to go chase after the solider who managed to escape. Not good people. Daryl managed to track down that solider and dispatch of him, just as Carol, Maggie, Rosita and Gabriel got the train conductor to spill on what he truly knows. He was willing to kill himself to prevent harm to his family, and did just that in brutal fashion.

Ezekiel made it clear to Negan he hasn’t forgotten the sins of his past and how he needs to pay for them. Negan alluded to a master plan, one that riled up Ezekiel as they took action to ensure their escape. Connie, Daryl, Maggie, Rosita, Gabriel and Carol were unsure on what their next move would be and utilized the radio to get an idea of where to head next and it worked, as it is apparent the Commonwealth is always moving to prevent detection. So this makes perfect sense in alignment with the title, Outpost 22 is where the kids are being held captive. It is a new living ground, the original staple grounds for Alexandria people!