HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the best of the season. However, this week the attention turns to that fair that has been heavily teased most of the second season with the episode, ‘The Calm Before.’ SPOILER ALERT: you’ll need some tissue because this episode goes for a wild ride that I did not see coming from a million miles away. Prepare yourself people, prepare yourself.

Things kicked off with Miles and his love heading to the fair, i.e. The Kingdom, but something feels me this trip will be one full of surprises. Things did not end well for Miles and his lady love, who stumbled upon the Whisperers, specifically Alpha.

Back at the Kingdom, the fair was off to a strong start, but in the distance Carol was worried sick about Henry, as she began her mission to hunt for her son. Worry, immediately became happiness when Daryl, Michonne, Henry, Lydia, Connie and Judith arrived at the Kingdom’s doors. It seems Michonne and Judith haven’t been back to the Kingdom in quite some time.

The leaders came together to chat about some vital issues headed their way, during their conversation Lydia was given the opportunity to become a member of Alexandria. Tara was not pleased with the outcome, as she worried about the fate of her people at The Hilltop. At last, Oceanside, Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom are back to working as a single entity.

However, they need to get back to the Hilltop like today because I sense Alpha and her crew are ready for blood, oh, and I forgot about Beta who wants to settle a score with Daryl who tossed him down an elevator shaft. The title of the episode totally fits, because there was plenty of calm before ‘The Storm’ which hits during next week’s season finale. Lydia was starting to question her place in her new home, after being threatened by ‘friends’ of Henry. Pressure was still being placed on Daryl to be an ally to Tara at the Hilltop.

Members of the Highway alerted Carol, Magna, Mika, Michonne and the others that the Whisperers attacked members from the Hilltop. The notion of splitting up did not seem like a good idea to me. However, with Mika, Daryl, Michonne and Carol together, I feel better about this foursome. Too bad they were prepared for a horde of walkers who virtually closed them in, but the audience was treated to a bloodbath, before the Whisperers cornered our heroes.

This is what we’ve been waiting for: Beta comes face-to-face with Daryl once again. Well that cannot be good; Alpha has infiltrated the fair presenting herself to be someone that she is not, just as Eugene and Rosita had a conversation about her current predicament. I feared the worst, but luckily Henry found Lydia, just as Alpha stumbled upon a picture of Carol and Ezekiel. Henry reassured Lydia that he is only interested in her, and they shared a kiss to cement their relationship.

Oh, Ezekiel how could you not realize that Debbie is not who she claims to be. The fair culminated with a movie that brought many laughs, but Lydia was worried about Henry, and she got the shock of her life when her mother sat beside her. I have no clue what is going to happen, but it’s not going to be good.

However how in the hell is Alpha in two places at once, or is the series playing with time? Daryl, Michonne, Carol and Mika were being held hostage by the Whisperers. Alpha alluded to something that worried Daryl; did this woman just kill her own daughter? Daryl was taken to the top of a cliff, where below he witnessed probably the most walkers I’ve seen on the series to date.

Alpha simply wanted our protagonists to stay away from the region that she calls hers. A flashback revealed that Alpha and Lydia came to a meeting of the minds. Alpha didn’t like when her daughter forced her to face the sins of her past; she wanted her mother out of her life, because Lydia threatened death and they severed ties. I guess is not as bad of a person as I thought. She allowed Daryl and the others to live as she shed tears from her face. In a moment of rage, she viciously killed one of her own.

However, the fans happy moment immediately turned to utter gut-wrenching horror after Daryl and company stumbled upon Siddiq was found bound to a tree, as he pointed to a hill. Daryl, Michonne, Carol and Mika came face-to-face with their pals whose heads where posted on a tree, 10 to be exact. Amongst them, were fan favorites because we lost Tara, Enid and Henry. I never thought for a moment any of these three would meet their maker in this episode.

Man, I was gutted by this reveal because I thought all was about to end well, but Alpha has initiated war and I cannot wait for next week’s season finale where vengeance will be on the minds of Daryl, Michonne and Carol. Oh, Alpha, you picked the wrong crew to mess with, and I feel sorry for you; I feel sorry for you! The final moments of the episode saw Daryl and Lydia come to the final resting place of Henry. Wouldn’t it be pure irony if it was Lydia who dismantled her mother and her vicious army?

Prepare yourself “Walking Dead” fans, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a season finale in such a while and I think season 9 is about to deliver in ways that we could never expect. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!