HOLLYWOOD—We have been waiting patiently and after last week’s gut-wrenching penultimate episode, that saw the demise of 10 characters, including fan favorites as The Whisperers drew first blood, this was a highly anticipated season finale. I mean we had WINTER dawn on our protagonists; we had snow, we had frost zombies, but this finale lacked the punch that I wanted it to deliver. SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the episode stop reading right now.

When it comes to season finales, the audience expected a major punch or revelation to be dropped that leaves the audience speechless or eager to get those answers to their questions. The episode, ‘The Storm’ picked up following the epic gut-punch of last week where we lost 10 characters on the show in one episode. Yes, last week should have been the finale, and this week should have been the penultimate episode. Apologies for the digression, but things kicked off with Ezekiel speaking over the radio (this is important because it’s a foreshadowing for the future).

Last week, the notion of the war brewing should be front and center, but for all that burning fire, it did not reach its pinnacle as one expected. At the catalyst of this season was the fact that The Kingdom has fallen, and it became a mission to move residents to the Hilltop and Alexandria. Yeah, a lot of moving in the midst of a major blizzard where things seemed heavily focused on Carol and Lydia.

Which was an interesting setup that saw Lydia try to sacrifice herself not once, but twice to stop what she sees to be an impending war? Movement saw Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Ezekiel, Aaron and others to seek shelter at the Sanctuary of all places. Negan was a breath of fresh air because he brought laughter and fun to the episode.

He jabbed Father Gabriel about his twisted relationship with Rosita and Siddiq. Yeah, the writers still haven’t fully explained what happened with Rosita and Siddiq to the audience. We have an idea, but it would be very nice to actual see it fully. Movement from one location led to the crew having to move from one location to Aaron’s abode in the brutal wind and snow. During the journey, Judith, for reasons I cannot explain just had to move through the snow to search for Daryl’s dog, which prompted Negan to chase after her.

Carol seemed to be unraveling and not in the best way; she seemed to be taking Henry’s demise quite hard to say the least. Daryl proposed taking Lydia from the reigns of everyone else to ensure safety for all. Ezekiel and Michonne were concerned about crossing that makeshift border that Alpha has declared hers.

If anything, the most epic thing of the episode was witnessing those snow or frozen zombies emerge from the snow and prevent a potential threat to our heroes. The biggest tension of the night was seeing the protagonists cross the river and maybe fall into the water. Lydia went MIA and Carol went searching for her where YET AGAIN, she wanted Carol to take her out, but Carol refused. I think she sees Lydia as a daughter and with Henry out of the picture she wants to be that mother figure.

I was under the impression that Negan might meet his maker this episode, but he managed to find Judith and bring her back to safety. So would you look at that, the villain we loved to hate has redeemed himself in the eyes of the viewer! I mean he saved Judith; how can we hate him anymore? After a lead up of a potential war, the storm subsided and our heroes arrived at the Hilltop before the journey would eventually take them to Alexandria. The one thing that became crystal clear is that the lover between Ezekiel and Carol is over! Henry’s death has impacted their relationship in a major, major way.

Everyone makes it to Alexandria and because no major deaths has transpired, I was worried that some epic twist was about to be dealt out of left field. Not this week people. Negan is alive and Michonne is chummy with the guy who saved her daughter. The one alarming moment was seeing Alpha and Beta warning of something big to come before several vicious strikes were emitted on her arm. Hmm, just what is this wicked lady planning next?

The only satisfaction given in this finale was hearing that weird voice on the other end of that radio. I seriously thought it might be Jadis, but to be honest I have no idea. This was an utter disappointment of a season finale in my opinion. Last week should have been the season finale and this week should have been the penultimate episode of last week.

Things ended on such a whimper it was like a major letdown after having two fantastic episodes, back to back. I don’t know where season 10 is headed, but it can’t be great, when we know in the very near future Michonne will be no more.