HOLLYWOOD—I was impressed with last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” It was fun, exciting and brought me back into the foray of why I love this series so much. This week’s episode, ‘Trust’ saw the aftermath of the mayhem caused by Toby as Daryl and the others were forced to clean up the mess. Aaron and Gabriel fabricated a tale to Lance about what transpired in the apartment complex and he was not buying what was being sold fully, as Daryl was asked to cosign that tale.

Lance is very good and putting on a façade people that makes him more dangerous if you ask me. What Princess and Mercer are an item? I knew they were close, but to see them in bed together makes it very clear there is a lot to this relationship. Rosita and Eugene explained to Connie and Kelly about the incident that transpired with Pamela’s wicked son.

Carol and Ezekiel are getting closer again people and I know that is something that makes people of “TWD” very happy. Lance led Aaron, Gabriel and Daryl on a mission to the hilltop, as Eugene paid the real ‘Stephanie’ a visit to gain some information. There is a LOT going on in this episode people, I wish I could argue it’s a bit more cohesive, but the jumping form one plot point to another is frustrating. Maggie and Elijah were not pleased to see Lance at their gates and making the situation more intense was his desire to storm the community. Daryl did his best to calm the situation and appease to Maggie to prevent bloodshed.

Daryl was worried, Maggie was worried, Aaron and Gabriel were worried. Hell, America, I am worried.  Max paid a visit to Mercer to find out why he is keeping secrets from her, and Maggie was NOT pleased to be questioned by Lance about those ‘missing’ weapons, just as he was hoping to drive off into the sunset in that vehicle that did rev up the way he hoped. Yeah, he caught that subtle threat Maggie levied at him. Ezekiel and Carol decided to help Tony and the medical team by assisting those in need now that Ezekiel got his surgery pushed up.

Mercer decided to let his guard down and explain to Princess the struggles of the past and the struggles of the future, just as Lance, as wicked as he is, tried to utilize Maggie’s son to get information. Whoa, Elijah accosted Lance, just as Daryl decided to make a move people. It is just so sweet to see Carol and Ezekiel building that bond again people. When they were an item they were so powerful and we want to see that again people. Tony managed to perform emergency surgery on his patient with help from Carol and Ezekiel and it was a success people.

Max and Eugene chatted about the plight inside the Commonwealth community people, and it led to the two of them sharing a kiss. Chaos erupted as the Commonwealth stumbled upon Leah inside a tent, and Lance did his best to barter a deal. He wanted to offer Leah a job, just as the episode came to a close. Ok, the season finale is next week, but I’m wondering if Lance has been secretly working with Leah all along because he wants her to take out Maggie. Hmm, this could be dangerous and when the lives of everyone we care about are at risk it makes fun TV. Next Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” is appointment TV people because we are nearing the end of an iconic series people!