SHERMAN OAKS—The work of a neighborhood watch group in Sherman Oaks has once again resulted in the arrest of a felony suspect and the identification of another on probation for narcotics. According to a Van Nuys Community Police Station community news release, neighborhood watch member Virginia called Los Angeles Police Department officers on Monday, January 27, at about 12:30 p.m. to report suspicious activities she observed at a vacant lot in the 3600 block of Knobhill Drive.

Virginia provided responding officers with a “good” description of the suspects and as a result, a female suspect wanted on narcotics charges was apprehended by police. The second suspect was identified as a local resident in the nearby area and is currently on probation for narcotics.

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Ron Carter called the arrest “outstanding” and said the local resident on probation now knows that neighbors are watching out for one another and care about criminal activities occurring in their community. Carter added the arrest proved that neighborhood watch groups can make a difference in the community by knowing “Who to Call, When to Call and What to Say.”

In thanking Virginia for her “great observations and outstanding reporting skills,” Carter offered advice for residents who experience similar situations involving vacant properties or empty lots/pads. Residents should try contacting the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to find out if they can warn property owners about suspicious activity occurring on their land. Carter also suggested visiting to report building code violations and to request an inspection of a property. The website also allows residents to check for recent permit applications or violations on the property.