MANHATTAN BEACH—Actor Vince Vaughn, 49, pleaded no contest to reckless drunk driving after being stopped at a sobriety checkpoint stop on Artesia Boulevard and Prospect Avenue in Manhattan Beach in June 2018. Vaughn entered his plea at the Torrance Superior Court on Friday, May 3.

The actor was charged with three misdemeanor charges, including driving under the influence, having a blood alcohol level of .08, and noncompliance with police officers. His plea was entered on behalf oh his attorney of one misdemeanor count of alcohol-related reckless driving. He was immediately sentenced to summary probation for three years.

The “Wedding Crashers,” star was ordered to complete a three-month DUI program and pay $390 in fines including a $1700 in penalties. Vaughn will also be required to attend alcohol classes during a three year probationary period. He agreed to the legal contract known as the “Watson Advisement,” which explains, if he drives while intoxicated, and a person gets killed, he will face murder charges.

Vaughn refused to repeat sobriety procedures instructed by officers from the Manhattan Beach Police Department before he was arrested and detained. A friend of Vaughn’s was also in the vehicle, but his identity has not been released to the public.

Vaughn is known for his roles in the comedies “The Break-Up,” “Fred Claus” and the 2005 hit “Wedding Crashers” which grossed $285.2 million at the box office.