UNITED STATES−On Friday, May 22, President Trump hosted the riders participating in the, rolling to remember motorcycle ride that takes place across the U.S. over Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.



The Reason For The Ride

“Together, our nation pays immortal tribute to the extraordinary courage, unflinching loyalty, and unselfish love, and supreme devotion of the American heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. And that’s what you’re here for. It’s the ultimate sacrifice, and it is indeed. They laid down their lives to ensure the survival of American freedom. Their names are etched forever into the hearts of our people and the memory of our nation. And some of you, it’s been very close — very, very close. It’s very close to your heart. We’ll cherish them and our Gold Star families for all time. We take good care of them. They’re very special to us. Just as we’ll always remember the nearly 82,000 Americans missing in action,”−President Trump stated, and then invited the bikers present to go ahead and take a lap around the south lawn, “as fast as you can, but don’t get hurt,” the President laughed.


In his speech President Trump spoke with pride of how well equipped the U.S. military is doing today.

“Our American military now has the greatest equipment, the finest equipment it’s ever had. It’s been entirely rebuilt. Some of the equipment is still coming — all made in America, everything. And when I came here — and you people knew it better than anybody — our military was depleted, just like the shelves were empty from medical equipment.”

President Trump continued, “but our American military, with the 281 — that’s a lot of planes — F-35 fighter jets, the best in the world; 453 Abrams tanks; 14,400 tactical combat vehicles; 2 aircraft carriers; 36 additional battleships, and much more. All made in the USA. So importantly, we’re giving our service members the resources, tools, and equipment they need.”

President Trump touted the new, much-needed uniforms the military has gotten.
“We’re even getting brand-new, beautiful uniforms. It doesn’t sound like much. If I told you what it costs, it’s a lot — for the Army. The Army has new uniforms and they are gorgeous.”

President Trump spoke of how much veteran’s services has improved over the years.

“We passed the largest reform of the Department of Veterans Affairs in the — I think, in the history of the department, including VA Accountability and, I said, VA Choice. We’ve removed 8,500 VA workers who weren’t doing their job, who were taking advantage of our country and hurting our vets,” President Trump then stated.

Public records indicate that “the percentage of veterans reporting that they trust the VA and the VA services is now the highest in the history of the service. Satisfaction with the VA outpatient care has reached 89 percent,” President Trump stated, “and we’re not going to rest until we have it at 100 percent.”