UNITED STATES—PRINCE2® is a shortened form for Project IN Controlled Environment and is the world’s most practiced method for project management. It originated in the UK and is the second version of the method with the same name. The second version, is an updated 2009 version and is used worldwide. Some people believe that it has caused a revolution in project management due to its popularity among various countries and its attention over many other project management methodologies like MSP and PMP. Over a million people are certified PRINCE2® professionals around the world. It is a process-based method for project management and helps acquire the fundamental skills needed to be a successful project manager for effective project management. It has an entirely scalable framework and can be easily tailored to each project a person undertakes.

PRINCE2® training can be taken by project managers looking to certify their skill or someone relatively new to the industry having no idea where to start and not sure about what to do, then becoming certified could become the perfect way to kick start your career. It is in public demand, and almost anybody can become certified. It separates the management from work, drawing a distinct line between the works done by people and the people managing projects. It helps the organization and the project builder to manage their project and improve it. 

Nowadays, most organizations adopt and implement the PRINCE2® standard, as it is globally recognized and accepted in most industries. It embodies years of project management skills and is the International Standard Method for Project Management. It has a practical and flexible approach for most projects, regardless of the size of industry and type of people, covering a wide variety of activities required to do within a project’s time limit. The certification helps people and organizations increase their project management skills and deliver a practical project.

Suppose you are thinking of doing PRINCE2® training and are confused. Here are some reasons that will help answer ‘Why you should take PRINCE2® training?’


  • Improve Your Project Management Skills


PRINCE2® certification helps develop a much-improved Project Management skillset. Successful project management depends on various factors, which include the level of quality and budget. The certification provides the learner with a structure that they need to follow to ensure all deadlines are met within the budget. More importantly, it is designed to be flexible and can be used for any project regardless of the industry and size. The certified professionals follow a methodology, terminology, framework, and procedures used by many project managers and learn all the skills needed to plan successful projects and improve their project management skills.


  • Global Recognition


Presently, PRINCE2 training is the de facto project management standard in most of the world. The certification and its qualification are globally recognised and respected. So, aside from gaining a project management skill set domestically, with a certification, you can open the door to global opportunities. All around the world, public, private, and government companies are using the project standard, its popularity continues to grow worldwide, including in the USA, Asia, and Africa. The certification allows and gives you a choice to take on international projects. 


  • Early certification


There are three certifications in total, and all of them are quick to complete and take around 50 hours for entry-level, and about 2-3 three days for practitioner and professional levels. The first level is online, you can do it at your place, and fit your studies or work in the schedule. Once you’ve done the training, all you have to do is write the exam, and you will be certified after you take an exam with your training provider or a public exam. You’ll be qualified and get your certification sooner than most of the exams.


  • Earn more money


The average salary of certified project managers among the most prized professionals is over GBP50,000. If you’re certified, you are counted as one of the prized professionals in Europe. Once you’ve passed the practitioner phases, your salary could be  £50,000  and will potentially rise. So, not only can you earn the certification in the short term, but it offers long-term financial benefits to you in a qualified career.

Additional Benefits

It includes many more benefits to organizations and people. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Generic

It is a proven approach that embodies some of the best project management practices and skill sets and can be used in any industry or sector project.

2. Adaptable

Since it is accepted and recognized worldwide, it can be used on any project, regardless of its size and type of industry.

3. Continuous improvement and consistency 

The certified organizations or people use a consistent approach while handling a project as it has a built-in mechanism for continuous improvement and consistency. 

4. Communication

While the end is to focus on the project’s end product, it also encourages better communication by providing a common ground.


The PRINCE2® process follows seven phases where; The first one is to start a project followed by Directing a project, Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing product delivery, Managing stage boundaries, and closing the project. Throughout the process, documentation and records are kept for the project to stay on track in an organized manner. These records and documentation check various deliverables against the requirement to improve future work processes and deliver a practical project. Mainly there are 3 levels of certification, named Foundation, Practitioner and Professional. Many people and organizations now consider the certification as a necessary qualification for a project manager post. Basically, if you have this certificate, you have a higher chance of getting selected as a project manager than a candidate who doesn’t. It can be learned by anyone, a project manager who wants to polish their skills or someone new to the industry working towards the role of project manager. The certification is recognized worldwide and is the standard for project management skills, and this verification will surely add advantages to your career.