SANTA MONICA—The people of Santa Monica can enjoy a free and festive marionette installation at the Santa Monica Pier until January 7, 2020 named the ‘Windows of Wonderment.’

Due to the pandemic, the public will be able to see the installation outside the windows of the Santa Monica merry go-round while the puppeteers will perform inside the building where the merry go-round is held. 

The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre is the troupe of puppeteers behind the ‘Windows of Wonderment’, which is a retrospective of the Bob Baker theatre in a festive setting. The historical theatre has been a staple in California since 1963, but due to COVID-19 they struggle keeping their doors open, according to Bob Baker Marionette Theatre website. They collaborated with the city of Santa Monica to bring this “one-of-a-kind installation” to life. 

The city of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs and Economy Recovery Task Force created a grant program designed among other things to implement artists’ work front and center in Santa Monica. The program is called Art of Recovery and was implemented as an economic recovery plan during COVID-19. 

The Windows of Wonderment is free, open to the public, and for children of all ages.