BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, July 19, at approximately 12 a.m., a couple was approached at Chris and Eddy’s hamburger restaurant located at 5539 Sunset Boulevard, by a woman with her infant. She surrendered her baby to the couple, indicating she could no longer care for the infant.

Unsplash photo

The infant was brought to the Beverly Hills Police Department by the couple. Authorities indicated this was technically out of their jurisdiction. The infant appeared to be approximately one month old.

According to California law, parents and legal guardians may confidentially surrender an infant less than three days old to any hospital/emergency room/fire station.

If the baby/child(ren) have not been abused/neglected/traumatized, the parent or allocated guardian may surrender the baby without fear of arrest or prosecution for child abandonment.

Canyon News reached out to Sergeant Jeff Newman, Acting Information Officer for the BHPD for a statement, but did not heard back before print.