HOLLYWOOD—Last year, controversial singer Dylan Frost stormed off in the middle of a concert in Melbourne, Australia. Frontman Dylan from the Australian band Sticky Fingers admitted he “lost control” when the lead singer sensationally stormed off in the middle of a concert. The band was seven songs into its set when Frost appeared to become upset onstage.

Video footage captured by a concertgoer and uploaded to social media shows Frost striking the microphone and throwing his guitar to the ground. The rest of the band-Paddy Cornwall, Seamus Coyle, Beaker Best and Freddy Crabs-then followed him offstage. It appears that a faulty microphone may  have triggered the tantrum during the song “Not Yet Done.” Boos were heard from the crowd. Then 10 minutes passed before it was announced that the show had been canceled.

The latest is Miranda Lambert who stopped singing to call out fans who were taking selfies. Adela Calin said she is “appalled” after she and her friends were called out by Lambert on Saturday, July 15 at the country singer’s Las Vegas show for taking a group photo. She said the singer stopped midway through her performance of “Tin Man” after spotting her and five of her friends posing for a photo.

“It was 30 seconds at most,” Calin, a social media influencer from Las Vegas, said in a phone interview. “We took the picture quickly and were going to sit back down.”  A video clip of the moment went viral on TikTok, where many users came to Calin and her friends defense.  “I’m gonna stop right here for a sec,” Lambert is heard saying in the video, which has over 1.4 million views and 81,000 likes. “These girls are worried about a selfie and not listening to the song, and it’s pissing me off a little bit.”

While the audience roared in support of Lambert during the video, many users on TikTok and Twitter said they felt Lambert’s reaction seemed harsh. She could have finished her song and just said some blanket statement like, “Let’s try to be in the moment and stay off our phones if she felt like she needed to,” one person commented on the TikTok video.

“This was completely uncalled for, and disrespectful to her fan base. They paid their money and was enjoying the music,” one user tweeted. A rep for Lambert declined to comment. Calin, 43, said she believes Lambert’s reaction might be due to the growing number of artists having things thrown at them onstage by overzealous fans. Fans online have expressed safety concerns for touring artists, specifically female musicians, several of them pointing out that most of the viral videos involved women being struck. Many have called on concertgoers to be respectful of the musicians they come to see, noting that many people forget that celebrities are also human.

So many people feel that she should have asked the girls to join her onstage, to take a selfie. Many singers do that, to interact with the fans. While others are on team Miranda and feel she did the right thing. Truth of the matter is, as a celebrity or singer on stage, the show must go on! Remaining professional and not being bothered by what the audience is doing. While Calin understands the overall safety concerns for artists, she said she was disappointed by Lambert’s behavior. “It felt like I was back at school with the teacher scolding me for doing something wrong and telling me to sit down back in my place,” she said.

“I feel like she was determined to make us look like we were young, immature and vain. But we were just grown women in our 30s to 60s trying to take a picture,” she added. The group-which was seating very close to the stage, in the VIP section, I believe had tried to take photos before the show started, but the lighting wasn’t great. So she asked the woman behind them to take a photo of her and her friends towards the end of the show.

The women were so excited, since they had great seats. Two days later she posted the photos to her Instagram, writing in the caption, “These are the 2 pictures we were taking when Miranda Lambert stopped her concert and told us to sit down and not take selfies.” The Miranda Lambert debate made it to “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg actually walked off during a debate on the show. While many people agree that Lambert did the right thing. Others say, she was very rude.

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