WOODLAND HILLS—On Tuesday, September 5, at around 11:30 a.m., a resident reported a coyote entering her yard and attacking her small dog.

The woman who goes by, “Nancy,” told CBS Los Angeles that a coyote climbed a 20-foot fence and picked up her dog, Matcha, by the neck.  Nancy’s surveillance camera alerted her to the backyard where she encountered the animal trying to scale the fence with Matcha in its mouth.

Nancy saved the dog by screaming and making a loud noise.  The coyote dropped Matcha and left the yard.  Matcha suffered a puncture wound to the neck. The footage released shows Matcha wearing a cone, but barking.

According to the city of Yorba Linda, California Coyote Awareness and Reporting page on their website, this is the time of year for coyote attacks stating:

“Coyotes generally hunt between sunset and sunrise but may be seen at any hour of the day. Coyotes are most frequently seen and heard during mating season (January-March) and when juveniles start leaving the family pack (September-November). While rarely a danger to humans, coyotes will display defensive behaviors if threatened or cornered. If you do encounter a coyote that behaves aggressively, you have probably gotten too close to its prey or its family, so increase the distance between you and the coyote.”