HOLLYWOOD—I feel like we are finally moving in the right direction “General Hospital” fanatics. The storyline involving Sasha not being Nina’s real daughter seems closer and closer to being revealed. Sasha living on a high with her new relationship with Michael found herself as an innocent bystander in the beef between Cassandra Pierce, Nina and Valentin. For those in the dark, Nina was responsible for nearly killing Cassandra, and Valentin made sure to cover Nina’s involvement to protect her.

We all thought Cassandra was long gone, but we discovered she was being held at a facility, and that a certain Cassadine, one that we still do not know, but I have a strong feeling it is someone who is presumed dead, but more on that later. Anna and Finn were forced to create an antidote to save Cassandra’s life and she has been under the radar for months until now. Cassandra injected Sasha’s grapefruit giving with a deadly disease.

Sasha looks deftly ill, and with Michael, Nina, Valentin and so many others rallying for her survival. All seemed well until Nina got a picture from Cassandra making it clear that she was responsible for Sasha’s predicament. Nina and Valentin went to work overtime to locate Cassandra, and with Sonny and Jax behind them, Cassandra will soon be found. Oh, I forgot to mention that Robert and Finn are also hunting for Cassandra. Question is rather Cassandra will give up her co-conspirator when she is caught?

Jax and Sonny are well aware that Nina and Valentin are hiding something regarding Cassandra, and trust Jax will uncover that secret sooner than later. Jax is making many moves between teaming with his enemy, firing Curtis and getting closer to Jax, I’d argue this is the biggest narrative the character has had in years. I mean should I start crossing my fingers for the return of Brenda Barrett on “GH?”

Speaking of Curtis, with finances not in the best place, he took Valentin’s offer to locate Cassandra for $5 million. Hmm, Valentin looks desperate to get his clutches on his foe before his little secret comes to light. Making the situation worse is Jax and Hayden’s theory that Valentin faked the Cassadine codicil giving him inheritance of the family fortune. Hmm, this is very interested and it feels like “GH” is planning the ultimate fall for Valentin and it will be glorious to watch.

We spoke of a certain Cassadine earlier who might be responsible for Cassandra’s emergence from the dead. That person I suspect is Nikolas. Look he has been deemed dead, but in the soap world if you don’t see a body, that means they are very much alive. Making my theory that much closer to being a reality was Laura’s recent interaction with that psychic who hinted that her son was in danger, that son not being Lucky, but Nikolas! It rattled Laura to the core, and whenever a character has been MIA or ‘dead’ is constantly the talk of town, that means something.

My fingers crossed that we learn that Nikolas is indeed alive come November sweeps, and considering that no one wants revenge more than Nikolas against Valentin, it would be the perfect twist: a villain going against a villain. In other news, Chase and Willow have taken their relationship to the next level by moving in together. With that said, I still see these two crashing and burning in a major way the truth about Wiley being Michael’s son comes to light.

There are other developments, mainly Peter August finally getting a storyline. WE know he is entangled with Shiloh because of Helena Cassadine. He was responsible for Drew’s kidnapping and the situation involving Jason. Shiloh has threatened to blab those details if Peter doesn’t help get him sprung from prison. All the while, Maxie is getting closer to Peter. We know he made that call to prevent Drew from finding Andre, but low and behold Andre has made his way to Port Charles and is in grave condition.

Will Peter resort to murder the same way he did to take out his father the villainous Cesar Faison? It looks like he is headed down that path yet again because he doesn’t want to lose what he has gained.