UNITED STATES—While a gym shoe can be imparted based on various factors such as traction, gripping, breathless it’s better choose a pair depending upon the type of exercise.  For instance, if you are busy with cross-training fitness, the shoes you choose should support a fabulous traction grip. In the same way, if you are on weight lifting training, choices of shoes would focus more on toe gripping sole with a broad middle base that can balance the middle inertia of the body.

Although, opting for a common pair that supports all types of workouts is a most viable option but if you wish to be honest with your trainer’s advice then you must not take its consequences casually. Rather, imparting a pair on the type of workout would be more agile to both body and fitness. A good pair also veils an extra layer of protection at the time of heavy weight lifting.

However, top athletic brands namely Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Rebook have proved spectacular expertise in knitting and weaving gym shoes depending on vibrant workout activities. You may purchase any of these, if you thoroughly wish to remain flexible to the entire course of exercise. Let’s play a quick presentation on top gym shoes based on vibrant work out activities.

Wait, sport enthusiast! before you familiarize yourself with these top shoes, must keep in mind following points prior to purchase a pair

  • Sole thickness, agility and ratio in both upper and middle base of the shoe
  • Toe gripping and height: perfect for those heavy weight lifters
  • Traction and smooth motion in order to boost up cardio exercise like running
  • Breathiness or ventilation to ensure comfort feeling.
  • Material used that ensures endurance.
  1. Nike Air Max Bella TR 3

Price: $79.95

Tighten your shoelace and take a confident entry to the gym while you are accompanied by Nike Air Max Bella TR 3. The model is suitable for mixed types exercises with a special attention to weight training and heavy planks. You can also feel agile to mixed squats and cardio exercise being accompanied by the pair.

While the proportionate weaving with mesh and synthetic avails breathability to the upper part, the thick toe sole with integrated high toe gripping, ensures extra security in the due course of heavy weight session. Moreover the broad midsole and eventually narrower foresole assure firm stability to the feet. The soft insole cushion protects the user’s feet from any kind of cramp and strain. Thus, the model is perfect for circuit based workouts or home based workouts such as HIIT. You can buy a pair at a more affordable price using Nike coupons against the original price tag.

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  1. Adidas FUTURENATURAL Shoes

Price: $120

The Adidas Futurenatural shoes is a next generation model which perfectly blends design and comfort. Due to mimicking the foot shape, it’s breathability is one step ahead of prior generations. The lace closure pair is made up with advanced quality mesh powered by machine based knitting. The most striking advantage of the pair rolls out with a wide outsole and thicker heel that gears up extra stability. Moreover, Addiddas primeknit upper allows non stop breathability up to two days. The shoe is perfect for all types of cardio exercise.

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  1. New Balance Minimus Prevail

Price: $119.99

The lightweight Minimus prevail offers the most versatile performance to the users. While breathable, lightweight mesh and synthetic TPU upper materials allows no suffocation, the sole comes with padded tongue and collar that enhances comfort of heel one step higher. Additionally, ‘No sure application’ majorly deteriorates irritation while wearing it. The sole cushion is soft and thick enough and the Vibram® outsole smoothes tractional support. The overall sole which is made up with 30% lighter foam than other expels brilliant performance. Wrapped within a stylish outlook this pair is a good fit to mixed exercise.

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  1. Nano X1 Men’s Training Shoes

Price: $130

Climb, jump, dribble or run; the Nano X1 is perfect for cross training purposes and speedy running. While Flexweave® knit upper material affirms breathability, the lightweight thick foam sole supported with additional speed chassis or heel clips help to integrate and swift movement. Additionally, the beak shaped foresole will keep you in speed throughout. The lace closure model is perfect for squats, sprints and running.

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  1. APL| Men’s TechLoom Pro

Price: $140

The Men’s TechLoom pro is a classic example of running shoe that is solely engineered as well as designed by TechLoom pro mesh woven style in order to allow maximum ventilation. Both midsole and outsole have been structured to have maximum ground contact and enable best traction. Along with this, the midsole which is manufactured with Propellium  generates maximum energy without hampering comfiness of the feet. The pair is again best for speedy movement.

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  1. PUMA Men’s Fuse Cross Trainer

Price: $54.99 – $147.93

Built with airy upper mesh and rubber made sole, the Puma Men’s Fuse cross trainer has become vivid due to it’s astounding sole configuration. While the upper sole ensures robust heel gripping, the midsole has come more closer to the ground that absorbs overall friction. Supported by PumaGrip the midsole also performs as an impressive barrier to ground fraction. However, the innersole cushion allows sufficient airiness during wearing it.

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  1. Reebok HIIT Men’s Training Shoes

Price: $90

Ideally designed for HIIT workouts, the pair perfectly blends comfort, durability and performance. It’s foam based sole has been engineered to ultra design along with an extra tongue cover works combinedly as an easy pull on. While the high uppersole and broad mid sole ensure stability, pointy foresole helps to survive against friction. The meshy upper material is ideal to feel comfortable throughout. The shoe is perfect for climbing, challenging planks and HIIT exercises.

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  1. Adidas Men’s Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoe

Price: $74.20 – $199.00

While a robust heel and mid sole supportive pair is crucial for weight lifting enthusiasts, this model of Adidas has ideally been designed keeping the parameter in mind. The exclusive features of the shoe is pointy end or narrow fitting, wedged and broad midsole and spacious upper sole that endows strong heel gripping. With a combined intertwining of lace and extra shoe sticking pad, the pair is a perfect fit for heavy weight trainers which is also capable of protecting the body from any kind of muscle failure or severe cramps.

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  1. Cloud X

Price: $139.99

If you are rushing for a multi-sport environment, then you can pick the pair without any hesitation. The cloud X is not only famous for performance and flexibility but also for its fashionable look. The most stunning part of this pair is deeply involved with its ultra designed sole. With a support of the CloudTec® outsole in Helion™ superfoam, the entire sole has been designed for explosive movements and boosting up speed. Moreover the pointy sole end works as a wind barrier. Computerised and machine mave meshy upper parts enable heights of comfort. Hence, its perfect fit of running enthusiasts and mixed workout lovers.

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  1. Men’s UA TriBase™ Reign 3 Training Shoes

Price: $120

Engineered by layered knit booties upper construction, the upper of the shoe is layered up with mesh and external synthetic coating that overlays double protection against abrasion and friction. The heels avail external stability to the toe. While micro foam made outsole assures stunning barriers against friction, the rubble  made outsole provides substantial durability and resistance. Moreover, the strategic rubber made sole under the toe box coats up additional power gripping. Hence, the shoe is perfect for heavy workout enthusiasts.

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Choosing a gym shoe is devoid of a normal shoe purchase. You must consider personal exercise style and flexibility before getting ready to purchase one. The shoe should work as an external supporter to your body fitness. However, in search of a budget friendly purchase you may complete a fast traverse to popular coupon websites that disclose great discounts on these shoes. Remember, you can only dust away the gym floor after accompanied by a suitable pair of shoes.