HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading men gold standard goes to two actors who portray men who know how to intimidate their competition. One was using a lady to get what he wanted, while the other was being used by a devious temptress, who wants more than even he’s aware of. Sean Kanan, who portrays Deacon Sharpe on “The Young and the Restless,” proves he has all the right moves as an actor, while young leading man Zack Conroy, who portrays Oliver on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” showed a vulnerable but tough side of his character this week to the viewers.

Sean Kanan deserves our attention. The handsome blond star of “Y&R” plays a real cad. Sean being one of the nicest men in Hollywood can play devious and conniving when it’s called for in the script. Deacon is working with Nikki Newman’s dangerous assistant to gaslight her into believing she’s turning back into a drinking alcoholic. Although Victor Newman, the most powerful man on the planet warned Deacon not to see Nikki again, by the end of the week, Deacon had checked himself into the same rehab facility as Nikki, so that he could continue giving her alcohol. However, Deacon does have a conscious and it’s fascinating and entertaining to see Sean master being wicked, but also play it without being completely evil.
Didn’t Zack Conroy know he was going to be taken through the paces on “B&B”? Two-time Emmy-winning Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell has Zack in such an exciting storyline. Oliver is pining away for the love of his life, Hope, who is now with Liam. Though Oliver has decided not to give up on Hope, he’s also enlisted the help of his sister Aggie and her boyfriend Nick to help him win Hope back. Needless to say, Amber has plans of her own. She plans on using Owen to make Nick jealous and to drive Aggie crazy. However, the way Oliver has remained determined to win Hope back is heartwarming.

Both Kanan and Conroy thrilled their fans and their audience this week. “Y&R” and “B&B” both air on CBS daytime. The shows are number one and number two rated respectively.
Photographs are Courtesy: Sean Kanan by CBS, Zack Conroy by John Paschal for JPI Studios© West Hollywood