SANTA MONICA— Mark Yaskoweak was lockout his unit and arrested at the Vicente Terrace affordable housing complex for consistent violent disturbances around 6:30 p.m., May, 16th. The tenant was later taken from the building at 10:53 p.m., to a medical facility for mental health evaluation by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.

Community Corporation of Santa Monica security guards at the residence quelled the 6 foot 4 tenant on May 16, until deputies arrived. Yaskoweak attempted to runback from the mailbox to his unit, claiming to have documents that would stop the eviction.

The apartments are located near the beach in Santa Monica, where many residents have live for over 30 years. Neighbors stated in a police report that Yaskoweak consistently ordered boxes of food deliveries leaving trash to pileup outside his door, and violently disruptive.

“My mental health is very fragile right now because of him. It gives me anxiety. I feel like he’s going to break in. I never know. He broke into the neighbor’s door. Broke the door down. So I don’t know,” said neighbor, Betty Oliver, 70, to KCAL 9 news. “He came running with a hammer to attack the nighttime security guard,” Oliver added.

A cell phone video was captured of Yaskoweak on March 26, 2019 where he was witnessed yelling at neighbors, stating, “You Scientology pedophiles! I’ll f— you up you motherf—–,“You f—— pedophile… “I’m filming you too f—— pedophiles.”The video has been used as record evidence for court document.”

Canyon News reached out to Santa Monica’s Police Department Spokesperson Lt. Candice Cobarrubias but no response on the case in time for print.

Community Corporation issued a eviction case warning against the Yaskoweak to the Los Angeles Superior Court in the beginning of the January 2, 2019. A misdemeanor arrest warrant issued in December, 5 2018, but the court documents did not grant deputies authority to evict or arrest on “force entry.

Several additional attempts to resolve Yaskoweak disturbing outburst includes Santa Monica’s Community Corporation also placing him in another area of building, logging his daily activities and providing 24/7 security in the lobby.

The case is under investigation with The Superior Court County Of California Los Angeles.