MICHIGAN—Canadian health products giant offers their amazing supplements and products to thousands of Americans who find the array of products unbelievable and their service to customers very personable. Bell Lifestyle Products, Inc. sells many time-tested products that customers all over the globe depend on and rave about.

Canyon News recently spoke with the U.S. Account Manager Orlando Flores about the company and the many beneficial products they offer. “Bell Lifetime Products has been serving the public for over 16 years now. Bell products are sold in thousands of stores all over North America and exported all over the world. What makes Bell products different from many others on the market is the fact that they give an extremely high satisfaction rate,” said Flores.

From pain relief to weight loss, these products have become a staple in many homes across the U.S. and throughout all of North America. “We have products that specialize in pain relief, weight loss and almost every ailment people suffer from. We try to find a product and system here to serve their needs,” said Orlando Flores, the company’s U.S. Account Manager. Some of the most popular products are for arthritis sufferers. When asked which products were the most popular, Flores responded, “When it comes to pain issues, the most popular sales are for Bell Shark Cartilage, Bell Pepper Cream (Roll-On) and Bell Pepper Cream.”

Weight control is something that almost everyone struggles with after a certain time in life. Bell Products offers several items that work for weight issues, including: Bell Ezee Weight loss combo (Blood sugar metabolism product), Bell Ezee slimming patches, intestinal cleaning and weight control and colon care and cleanse. The company masters the art of taking care of its clients, while offering affordable products to make our goals of pain relief, weight loss and many other physical ailments less debilitating in our lives. They specialize in making life easier for all of their clients and customers.

The company’s Personal Statement from Nick A. Jerch, President of Bell Lifestyle Products, Inc., says in part, “It is rewarding to be useful to your family. It is still more rewarding to contribute to society and serve a cause greater than yourself. Late in life I have helped tens of thousands of men and women with our Bell Shark Cartilage to have less arthritis pain or no pain at all. More and more people are getting relief every day.

An even greater number of people were able to lose weight with our Bell Ezee Slimming Patches in the most natural way by changing their eating habits. Thousands more use Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea and are now freed from an annoying health problem that causes frequent nighttime sleep interruptions. They are no longer tired during the day and no longer have difficulty doing a full day’s work. I am grateful for this opportunity to do something for society. Real success in life is when the lives of others have improved because of you.”

To learn more about Bell Products and to purchase tested products, go tobelllifestyleproducts.com/.