BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department announced on Monday, December 2 via their Twitter account, to inform residents to be on the lookout for phone scammers.

The BHPD indicated for residents to be cautious of persistent phone solicitors who are calling homes claiming they need to pay non-existent water and power bills, including threatening they will shut their service off if they do not comply. 

BHPD tweeted the following message:

“Do not fall victim to phone fraud by individuals posing as a City of Beverly Hills employee who works in the “collection” department.

  1. The City of Beverly Hills employees will NEVER ask you to purchase pre-paid cash cards from a convenience store to pay your utility bill. 
  2. If you receive a call asking for a cash card, or request for any other personal information, hang up immediately. 
  3. City of Beverly Hills customers who want to inquire about their accounts can visit the City’s website or can call (310) 285-2436
  4. If customers believe that they have been the target of fraud, they should contact the Beverly Hills police department at (310) 550-4951.”