HOLLYWOOD—Musician, Chico DeBarge, whose real name is Johnathan Arthur DeBarge, 53, was arrested on Saturday, November 30 for possession of narcotics. He was attempting to gain entry inside an SUV, in the parking lot of a Walmart shopping center in Burbank, California.

Authorities were called to the scene because of suspicious involving DeBarge trying to utilize a wire to open the vehicle. When searched by police, they found meth inside his pocket.

The singer was detained while authorities searched his SUV. He was using the wire to get inside his vehicle after he locked his keys inside. Authorities found drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle as well.

DeBarge has admitted to suffering from a drug addiction to heroine, cocaine and prescription meds in the past. He was taken to jail where he was later released. He has been arrested several times in recent years for possession of narcotics. The possession of five grams of meth in the state of California is a felony and can result in 5 years in prison if found guilty.

The singer is known for the hit song “Talk to Me.” He started his musical career in the 1980s and is a known member of the Motown singing group DeBarge.