SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica City Council instructed staff redeveloping the Third Street Promenade project to create a master plan inclusive with a financing strategy on Tuesday, November 5 at the projects meeting in order to better define the next 30 years of the projects outcome. Discussed at the project meeting was a year and a half of conducted research regarding placemaking experiments and stakeholder engagement in programming, policy, and design of the promenades renovation plans.

Santa Monica city staff, Downtown Santa Monica Inc., and design firm, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, presented opportunities at the meeting to update the programming, policy, and design of the Promenade. City Council highlighted important factors for the redesign such as:

  • Creating greater flexibility in uses to encourage a diversity of businesses, such as nightlife, arts and culture venues, and roasteries or breweries.
  • Activating alleys as vibrant pedestrian spaces and leverage underutilized small spaces for uses like galleries and entertainment venues.
  • Expanding the role and responsibility of downtown Santa Monica, Inc. for public space management and events programming.
  • Expanding kiosk opportunities for business owners who may not otherwise be able to afford storefront space.
  • Continuing to develop a design that imagines a transformation of the streetscape and public amenities.
  • Incorporating ample public art, movable seating, event and performance spaces, and a market square that integrates the downtown Farmers Market and would allow for expansion of other market concepts.

City Manager Rick Cole stated that the Third Street Promenade is,”the heart of Santa Monica’s historic Downtown. It is the hub of commerce, dining, and entertainment, and we are committed to ensuring it continues to be a place beloved by residents and visitors alike. The world is changing, but great public spaces have timeless qualities and we envision the evolution of the Promenade to emphasize the opportunity for people to enjoy a memorable, welcoming, and dynamic experience no matter how often they come.”

Mayor Gleam Davis added that,”Our predecessors were bold in 1989, and it’s time to be bold again as we reimagine the total experience of the Third Street Promenade. It’s time to reinvest in a community asset that has enriched lives and significantly contributed to Santa Monica’s prosperity.”

Members of the Santa Monica community are invited to learn more and provide feedback on the future of the Promenade at an open house on Saturday, December 7 at the Santa Monica Police Department substation in the 1400 block of the Promenade.

An exhibit will be up through December where residents can stop by and provide input. Details on these opportunities will be posted to later this month.