HOLLYWOOD—On Sunday night’s episode of “Dexter,” the episode was titled “Practically Perfect.” That indeed is what the third episode of the fifth season felt like. This week Dexter hired a very nice nanny to take care of his toddler son, Harrison, so that he could go on the hunt for Boyd, who is also a serial killer. As the episode began, Dexter’s sister Deb was interrogating women who were being considered for caring for her nephew Harrison. Initially viewers got the impression that Deb was interrogating suspects of a crime, as she’s become so engrossed in trying to give her nephew a normal life, since he did witness his own mother’s death. Dexter also was concerned about this, but his desire to return to the killing field he calls his second vocation came first.

Dexter attended therapy with his young son, but like everyone else who comes in contact with him, the therapist felt like he’s hiding something and also became suspicious of him. Quinn is also on Dexter’s tail, trying to find out what his connection to a man named Kyle Butler is, and Quinn’s decision to follow Dexter and to investigate him seem to be putting Quinn on a dangerous course with his girlfriend’s brother. As Dexter continued his stalking of Boyd, the first time he tried to subdue Boyd ended with both men being transported to a Miami hospital. As Dexter used a syringe to inject Boyd with a sedative, Boyd reacted by shooting Dexter in the abdomen with a tranquilizer-dart used to sedate wild animals. While in the ER, both men made alibis for each other, but then the hunt was on again. Dexter ever determined to subdue Boyd found this hunt his most important goal for the night.

While the nanny was caring for Harrison, he took his first steps. Dexter was ecstatic to receive the photo on his cell phone of his adorable son walking. “He’s going to be ok,” said Dexter to himself. Hoping that the horrific murder his son witnessed may not have a lasting impression on his memory. Dexter is obviously wishful thinking, but he doesn’t think normally, does he?

Throughout the exciting episode, we felt Dexter’s emptiness and his grief over the loss of Rita, and viewers are hoping for the anti-hero’s best. Quinn is equally as obsessed. He’s becoming certain that Dexter may be the serial killer Kyle Butler, and he’s using his FBI contacts to find the family who has seen the killer’s face.

By the end of the episode, Dexter had managed to finally drug Boyd at his home and took him to the killing room, where he stabbed Boyd in the heart with a huge knife. Then Dexter saw a shadow outside the doorway. As he opened it, planning to kill whoever was outside, he found a battered and scared young woman, who tried to run from him. Dexter’s final chilling words in his head were, “She saw everything, she saw me.” Viewers know that Dexter can’t possibly allow a witness to his murder get away from him. The actress is played by Julia Stiles, and Showtime says that she will have a big impression on Dexter this season.

Dexperts commented on tonight’s episode. Vu Tran Ngo Nguyen said, “Love this show.” While Sergio Sepulveda stated, “I love this show. The upcoming episodes are looking crazy!” “Loved the new episode! Wow! That was close, Dexter,” concluded Rex McNguyen. Join the other Dexperts, which is now over 5 million strong and counting at Facebook (60) | Dexter.

The show airs Sunday nights on Showtime, at 9 p.m.