UNITED STATES—I am someone who doesn’t always wear his emotions on his sleeve. I tend to compartmentalize my emotions which I know; I know it is not that healthy. However, I have gotten a lot better with things because I’m jotting things down in my journal. Now when I journal I’m not documenting everything that happens day-by-day. That is just a bit much for me, I jot down the big moments that are things that I find significant.

Me not emoting my emotions does not mean I don’t have emotions. I do, and if I get annoyed trust me they come out, it’s not explosive or anything of that nature, but you are aware that I’m upset or that I feel a distinct way about a situation. However, that release of those emotions is a direct result of me allowing things to build up. That is indeed the problem; I have to stop allowing my emotions to build up. I do have to voice how I feel, how certain situations impact and affect.

When you allow things to build and build and build you run in a situation where the top on that tea kettle eventually explodes and that explosion is not always going to be the best thing America. You might lash out at people, pointing your anger or frustration at the wrong person and just lashing out when you shouldn’t, but you don’t know how to lessen your reaction to the situation at hand.

There are ways to deal with your emotions, but you have to consider what best suits you. There is not one thing that will work for everyone. We are all different, we all react differently and we all deal with our emotions and stress in different ways. For someone, working out is a great way to combat conflicting emotions. For others it might involve listening to music, for some it might be reading a book. Others might turn to playing games or watching a movie. Some might need a home project to deal with issues; others might simply journal how he or she feels about a particular situation.

What I’m getting at is the fact that we all react different to how we deal with our emotions, it is up to you to figure out what outlet best suites you; the key is you have to have an outlet to deal with your emotions. You cannot simply hide them or act as if they don’t exist. That is not healthy and that will indeed only lead to more problems if you continue to compartmentalize your emotions people. That leads to stress, that stress can lead to major health issues that you may not see right away, but when they strike the body it is going to be like a ton of bricks.

We have emotions for a reason: it is an outlet of how we feel. You are expected to unleash those emotions to get things off your chest. Lift the weight that you might be carrying off your shoulders, lighten the load and you will feel much better as a result people, trust me on that.

Written By Jason Jones