SANTA MONICA—On Thursday, July 8, the Santa Monica Police Department notified the public of four arrests in connection to the looting of a Patagonia store in May.

The report states that on Friday, July 3, SMPD detectives from the Special Investigations Unit and officers from the Crime Impact Team procured multiple search and arrest warrants. These were given for different areas of Los Angeles County. All locations were believed to be relevant to the looting of Patagonia at 1344 4th Street which occurred on May 31.

During the civil unrest that day, several suspects removed a safe from the business. The police department suspects that there were a total of six looters involved, though only four were apprehended.

Those arrested were identified as Ulises Alcantara Juarez, 25, Alfredo Fernando Bello, 24, Yesenia Enriquez Tejada, 23, and Debbie Lujan, 24. The four suspects arrested are charged with burglary, conspiracy and looting during a riot.

The SMPD added that evidence connected to the looting, including the store’s missing safe, were found and booked. Out of the original six suspects identified by detectives, two remain at large.

Anyone with additional information or evidence regarding about the incident should contact Detective Diaz or Detective McGowan at (310) 458-8491.