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Diesel Bookstore Needs Funds To Survive

SANTA MONICA—The bookstore, Diesel, located at 225 26th Street in Santa Monica, launched a GoFundMe campaign on September 3, via social media asking for...

Counterpoint Records & Books Reopens

HOLLYWOOD— On Thursday, June 4, Counterpoint Records & Books announced that they will reopen on Monday, June 8. Established in 1979 in the Franklin Village,...

Hollywood Bookstore Seeks Help During Pandemic

HOLLYWOOD­–Larry Edmunds Bookshop, an 82-year-old bookshop locating at Hollywood Boulevard, is reaching out to the public due to the financial difficulties. The owner of...

Volunteers Help Pick Up The Pieces Of Santa Monica Bookstore

SANTA MONICA—  In the aftermath of the lootings, on Monday, June 1, volunteers have gathered to help clean up the affected businesses. One of...

Bookstores Reopen In LA County

CALIFORNIA­–As California moves into Stage 2 amid the COVID-19 pandemic on May 8, low risks businesses are starting to resume. Most of the bookstores...

Barnes And Noble Closing In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—For over 20 years Barnes and Noble has been in business on the corner of Wilshire and Third Street in Santa Monica. It...
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