AMERICA—On Saturday, June 20, the Pop singer Justin Bieber was accused of sexual assault on Twitter by a young woman named Danielle, who said that the incident took place six years ago at the festival of South by Southwest in the city of Austin, Texas.

Bieber responded to these claims on Sunday, explaining that they are false allegations.

The allegations of sexual assault by Danielle (courtesy of Twitter)
Bieber responds to sexual assault allegations (courtesy of Twitter)

Over the weekend, a 27-year woman named Danielle made anonymous claims on Twitter saying that the pop star had sexually assaulted her on March 9, 2014 after a concert in Austin, Texas at the Four Seasons Hotel. She wrote that she did not want to disclose her last name for privacy purposes.

She provided details on the alleged incident saying that Bieber invited her and her friends to his hotel room, and took her to a separate bedroom where she alleged he forced himself on her. She said that he had threatened to take legal action against her if she told anyone about the event.

Bieber presents evidence of his location on March 9, 2014 (courtesy of Twitter)

Bieber, 26, has addressed these claims through Twitter on Sunday, June 21, asserting that these are false allegations, and that he will take legal action against these statements which are factually inaccurate. The “Baby” singer wrote that he never appeared at the location where she claimed he was, and attached reports showing his real location during the night of March 14, 2014.

Bieber reiterated that he was then accompanied with the ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and they had stayed at an Airbnb, and then Westin after the concert at the South by Southwest. Bieber discussed that he has dealt with several rumours during his music career, but that he takes allegations of sexual abuse against him very seriously.

Other celebrities such as Cole Sprouse from the TV series “Riverdale” have spoken out in support of Bieber, highlighting that false sexual assault accusations are harmful to real victims of rape.

Cole Sprouse tweets in support of Bieber (courtesy of Twitter)