BEL AIR—A group of youngsters has caused quite a disturbance after moving to Bel Air’s residential area in January this year. These young men call themselves “One Directioners of TikTok,” and are a group of seven TikTokers and YouTube influencers.

After the group moved into the 7800 square-foot mansion in Los Angeles’s posh neighborhood, the block’s residents observed frat-like behavior. Speaking to The New York Times, neighbors described large parties, loud thumping of music, increased food delivery, and trash piled outside the house, including a smashed TV.

The group, called ‘Sway House’ or ‘Sway LA’ is one of the many TikTok collab houses popping up in Los Angeles. TalentX, a TikTok management agency rents the house to the boys in exchange for content. The boys live rent-free while working and creating their social media empires.

The Sway House is active on TikTok and Instagram but not as much on YouTube. Out of the three uploaded videos, the first contains a house tour with a Q&A. Their loud screams, dramatic reactions, and party-boy behavior are clearly visible throughout the 9-minute video. Their neighbors are concerned about the parties and the crowds amidst the current pandemic.

On May 25, two house members, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler, were arrested and charged for drug-possession while taking a road-trip across America. Following the incident, the two men have departed from the Sway House, and the neighbors hope for a sense of normalcy.