BEVERLY HILLS —The two greenest ladies in Hollywood include Studio City beauty Rachelle Carson who stars opposite her mega-environmentalist husband Ed Begley, Jr. and Santa Monica’s red-haired beauty Tanna Frederick who is all the rage in independent films. The two are genuinely interested in saving the earth and working on environmental issues while also making TV and movie history in the entertainment industry.


Rachelle Carson Begley who stars on the Planet Green Channel’s “Living With Ed” is always conscious of her carbon footprint thanks to being married to Ed. However, what many don’t realize is the beauty is also taking on writing and is in the process of working on a book and a script that are all the buzz of Tinseltown. Anything Rachelle puts her mind to, she accomplishes. The talented star recently told Canyon News, “I am writing now. You know I go from one thing to another, but I haven’t auditioned for acting parts in over two years, the last major thing I did on TV was the final season of ”˜Boston Legal’ which I loved. But I’m now trying to get involved in writing, preferably about the supernatural. I’m not a fan of the ghost buster type shows or things like that, but I’m very into the metaphysical and hope that I can do some writing about those subjects,” said Rachelle.

The superbly talented actress and producer can add writing to her credits. Fans are clamoring for any updates on Carson’s upcoming literary work and she promises Canyon News readers will be the first to know. Anyone who can live with Ed I’d say can do almost anything.


Tanna Frederick

While Tanna Frederick has astonished critics who feel inspired after seeing her marathon performance on stage in Henry Jaglom’s “45 Minutes From Broadway,” she can also be seen on the beaches in Santa Monica when dodging paparazzi, surfing the oceans and practicing for the upcoming L.A. Marathon. She’s doing both to benefit other people. The co-founder of Project Save Our Surf tells Canyon News, “Every surfer knows the Santa Monica Bay is one of the dirtiest surf spots on the California coast. And there are always random pieces of trash floating by every day when we surf. After it rains, we can’t surf for 72 hours because of the sewage run off. And, I’ve seen surfers get sick in packs for days because of some toxin that was in the water. It’s sad, and it feels overwhelming, trying to create change when so much damage has been done to our oceans. But I felt I had to do something, so my friend Alex Winston and I created Project Save Our Surf and held a 24-hour Surf-A-Thon with proceeds going to the non-profit organization Oceana, rallying all the local surfers to raise money to help improve our delicate ecosystem. We’ve raised almost $120,000 for them in the last few years, and had amazing people come on board!”

When it comes to the marathon, she is running on behalf of two charities which have personal meaning to her, namely, the North Iowa Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NIAMI)

(, and the North Iowa Transition Center (

Tanna’s 2010 movie release is “Queen of the Lot,” which is due out this summer.

Photographs Courtesy:  Tanna Frederick by Paul Smith and Rachelle Carson by Lisa Franchot