HOLLYWOOD─Just when you think the twists cannot get more unbelievable, the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” finds a way to deliver the unthinkable. I kind of knew where things were going when Evan dropped that secret that was haunting him to Zoe. Was it the easiest puzzle to connect the dots, not fully, but any fan of daytime drama knew where it was headed? Yes, Maggie Horton is innocent. It was long believed that a twist was in the works involving this Mother’s Day tragedy with ripple effects across the board.

I mean the thought of the great Maggie being responsible for the death of a friend and her granddaughter because she drove drunk was a tough pill to swallow people. Too bad Maggie has no idea that she is innocent. Why? Overwhelmed with guilt she sent a suicide letter to Victor, just as Xander rushed to Maggie’s aide after realizing her survival was in stake. It was harrowing and it proved that Xander has totally made a complete 360 in his life. This is a character who is not just layered, but full of surprises when you least expect it.

For anyone worried about Sarah and Maggie’s relationship that long-awaited reunion between mother and daughter was an emotional roller-coaster. It tugged at your heart, but also proved that forgiveness is possible in the toughest of times people. Sarah though was still reeling at her life being turned upside down and it looks like her dark side has emerged. She was lied to in the most unspeakable way and nothing could fathom an explanation as to why Victor and Xander did this.

Frustrated and wanting vengeance, she aligned with Brady who just allowed Kristen to run away with their daughter, spent some time together, a whole night to be exact. Did they sleep together? No, but they certainly wanted Xander to think that who was seething at the thought. He already despises Brady, and this is just icing on the cake to push good ole’ Xandy back to the darkside people.

Now that we know Orpheus planned to kidnap Maggie for ransom, it all makes perfect sense, that the evil mastermind wants his grandson David at all costs, even using John as leverage to get money from Marlena.  How soon will Rafe announce this news to the world that Maggie is innocent and Orpheus is not? Is Zoe actually telling the truth? I mean it was just a few weeks ago she was Rafe’s enemy, so why the sudden change now?

Something doesn’t seem right, and man wasn’t that a quick recast of the character that just made her debut a few weeks ago? In other news, Ciara and Ben are moving at a rapid speed to get to the altar, but something tells me they’re not going to get the happily ever-after they hope for. Like I said, the constant you save me I save you storyline is tiresome people. Lani is pulling ever trick in the book to try to enact her revenge on Gabi by arresting her for assaulting Jake. Bored people, just utterly bored. I will take the character of Gabi any day over Lani. I much layered and imperfect character is far more interesting than a righteous one.

Maggie, Kayla and the rest of Salem were stunned when the truth about who REALLY killed Adrienne came to light, and Maggie had a sigh of relief knowing not only that she was about to get out the slammer, but that she was NOT responsible for Adrienne’s death or the death of her granddaughter. However, Orpheus is on the run with little David, and Zoe and Rafe are rushing to rescue the kid, just as John’s life hand in the balance. His survival is all dependent on Marlena giving up that ransom that has been demanded.