MALIBU—On June 26, the City of Malibu removed beach access signs that were installed at three locations along Broad Beach Road, a City-owned street, near Lechuza Beach. The signs require a city permit to be issued to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA).

The city of Malibu indicated in a statement that they continue to support public access to beaches in Malibu, which is protected under state law for the entire coast of California. Beach access signs are important to visitors, public safety agencies, and nearby homeowners to ensure that beachgoers stay on safe, maintained beach access paths.

A City Encroachment permit is needed to ensure that signs are placed in a safe location using standardized equipment. Signs installed by MRCA did not have signposts designed to break away for safety when struck by a vehicle, which is required under California and federal law. They had solid 6” steel posts. The signs were removed as they were not permitted and did not conform to safety standards.

In August 2022, MRCA installed the signs for Lechuza Beach on Broad Beach Road without city permits. City Code Enforcement and Public Works notified the MRCA that the signs were unpermitted and would be removed unless a permit was requested and received. Malibu staff offered assistance to help MRCA apply for the needed permit, but MRCA did not request a permit.

MRCA responded by email on June 21 that they would remove the signs the next day. Signs were not removed. The City of Malibu notified MRCA and removed the signs on June 26. MRCA picked up the signs from the city on Friday, July 7.