WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, May 3, a customer was caught on videotape stealing a brand new BMX bike at the Bikes and Hikes L.A. Bike shop in West Hollywood. The owner Jason Bowers said this is the third theft that transpired in broad daylight since this past December. 

Bowers describes that the man had a long ponytail and pretended to be a customer interested in buying a bike. He says this in a detailed email to the police department. Bowers said the man patiently waited for him to help another customer before he took off on the bike. 

Lt. Moulder, of the police department responded to the owner who was expressing his concerns over the recent thefts that happened. Lt. Moulder ensured Bowers that the police were sent out on a priority call and that he would have the Special Teams Deputies look at the video to help identify the suspect. 

Bowers was encouraged to reach out to the police department if anything else came up or if he had any questions. As of now, there isn’t any information on the customer who stole the bike.