MELROSE—Melrose has raised $28,000 to assist the local police force in ending a high volume of robberies that have been transpiring in the area.

According to reports, the issue has led to police officials issuing tactical alerts to all units. Police officers have increased their presence in the Melrose and Fairfax regions where violent home robberies have transpired. Some of these crimes include smash-and-grab robberies and cases of people being robbed at gunpoint. Recently, a local Nordstrom’s was robbed by multiple suspects.

There is also a plan to install cameras in the Melrose neighborhood as a preventative measure. According to Melrose Action, which is an organization dedicated to stopping crime and alerting locals of potential crimes, the cameras will be like those found in stores. It is said that the cameras will be installed as early as next week.

On November 13 at around 1:50 a.m., a violent robbery occurred on the 700 block of North Gardner Street. The suspects were said to have arrived in three separate vehicles and armed with guns. They approached more than one victim at a rental property and obtained a collection of the victims valuables. The victims were said to have been hiding in their backyard during the incident.

A tweet from Melrose Action warned the public as of November 26 to remain vigilant if they are travelling at night and to keep their valuables hidden. This report was sent out after a robbery occurred in the Lakewood area where suspects utilized sledgehammers and crow bars to rob a home.

Authorities reported various victims have been followed after leaving the Jewelry District, Melrose Avenue, expensive restaurants and nightclubs in the region. Victims have been targeted for the type of jewelry they are wearing and the type of cars they drive. Over 110 incidents have been reported and it is unclear if these crimes are related, but there is a possibility that Los Angeles street gangs could be involved.

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