UNITED STATES—America I am burnt out and I wish that was not the case people. I think this past year has been so unorthodox, and I have just taken on so much and it seems like every single week the workload, the stress continues to mount and mount and mount and it’s reached a point where I am just burnt. I am tired and I am in need of a break people.

Work does not seem to get it because when you ask for a break they seem to think you’re asking for the world. No, I work hard, I’m entitled to time off, especially if I have earned that time off, that’s why we have paid holidays and paid vacations, which allows you to use when you need it most. With that said if I don’t get paid vacations or paid personal days, what is the deal if I were to take some time off? It simply means you have to find someone else to fill for me.

This is what I’m coming to grips with more and more in this world we live in. Companies don’t think workers should take time off. What reality are you living in? People cannot work nonstop without time off people! And you shouldn’t expect 1 person to be the main go to guy or gal. Why? That adds another layer of stress for them that surprise, not everyone can handle. Again they might be able to handle it, but it’s getting to them and they haven’t properly voiced it for the boss or their co-workers to know what is going on in their head. I mean you have the stress of work, the stress of the pandemic, finances/bills, family drama, health; you name it I have all these things I’m juggling at the same time.

Trust me it is not easy people and that is the problem. You can’t compartmentalize everything you have to voice how you feel, how you think and how you handle certain things. Sleep is good when you can get it because it allows the body to recharge, but at the same time sleep alone is not going to boost you to 100 percent if you’re currently at 70 or 80 percent. With that said, a vacation or complete time away from work is the best way to decrease some stressors, it allows you to focus on you and not things that sometimes you can and cannot control people.

When you are burnt out, you cannot keeping moving at top speed because you will indeed crash and burn and when you do, you will NOT fully heal, not the way you think or hope to heal America. If you continue to push when you are already near exhaustion the crash will be worse than you can ever imagine. How so? You’ll take a lot longer to recover, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I was always a big proponent that physical work is more taxing on the body than mental work, and I still agree with that claim.

However, I’m realizing that mental work can be just as exhausting because you need that light switch to turn things off and sometimes you cannot do that with office work. The calls are always coming, the emails never stop, the text messages are relentless; you never get the BREAK that you need and truly want.

Written By Jason Jones