SANTA MONICA–As the stay-at-home order was eased, Kato, the Michelin Starred Taiwanese Restaurant has reopened for pickup service on May 13 with the new homestyle Taiwanese menu being released.

Kato had been temporarily closed as of mid-March since the restaurant said it took the safety of staff and customers into primary consideration. With the restrictions being eased, the restaurant is now opening for takeout only.

Kato is now opening for takeout only.

Customers can order through the Tock app and make a reservation for next week each Sunday at 10 AM. The takeout menu is currently filled with home-style dishes that Jon Yao, the owner of Kato, grew up with. “It’s not as dainty or refined as the dishes we usually serve on the tasting menu, but we still use the well-sourced products we usually use to support our purveyors,” Yao told Canyon News.

“We doubled down on our already strict hygiene practices. Mask, gloves, and sanitizer are part of the norm as well. We don’t let diners enter beyond the front door and all drop-offs are contactless or curbside,” said Yao. “We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our staff and our diners doing takeout.”

Yao mentioned that one of the biggest challenges for resuming the business was to figure out a format that could sustain the entire staff. “I didn’t want to just bring a few key members back, I wanted to make sure everyone is taken care of as well as can be.”

Jon Yao is a first-generation Taiwanese American who grew up in Walnut, California. He started Kato in 2017 and has since gone on to be a Food and Wine Magazine Best New Chef, James Beard Finalist for Rising Star, Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30, and most recently, a recipient of one Michelin Star.

Jon Yao wants Kato to be an intro to Taiwanese cuisine.

“I want Kato to be an intro to Taiwanese cuisine and hopefully spark diners’ interest and propel them to want to learn more about the food and culture,” Yao said he also wants to share with diners his heritage and upbringing.