PACIFIC PALISADES/BRENTWOOD—On Tuesday, June 14, Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin was served with a recall notice by a group that self-describes as “a growing grassroots multi-partisan effort to Recall Mike Bonin.”

“This recall campaign is an extravagant waste of taxpayer money, a thinly disguised attempt to derail my efforts to provide real solutions to our homelessness crisis, and the latest in a series of recall attempts to silence strong progressive voices,” said Bonin in a statement.

Bonin has served on the Los Angeles City Council since 2013 and represents the 11th district, which includes Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West LA/Sawtelle, Mar Vista, Del Rey, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Westchester, and Ladera.

“Under Mike Bonin’s watch, the humanitarian crisis of the homeless population is growing exponentially,” the recall campaign stated. “Tax payer money is squandered. Fires. Struggling local businesses. Crime is rampant and rising. Neighborhoods and schools are unsafe. We feel afraid to visit public beaches and community parks.”

The campaign can start collecting signatures four weeks after the notice was served and will need at least 27,387 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.