UNITED STATES—On Sunday, March 28, more demonstrators gathered at the grounds of the state capitol in Salem, Oregon. Oregon State Police partnered with the Salem Police Department, Keizer Police Department, Polk County Police Department, and Marion County Sheriff’s Department and gained control of the riots by 8:30 p.m.

According to reports, a Freedom rally was expected, with a counter-protest to be led by a group called, “Fascist Free 503.”  According to social media posts, the protest and counter-protests were planned for 12 noon.

Fascist Free 503 reportedly declared their intent to meet, and stop the caravan at the Freedom rally from taking place.

Dressed in black approximately 100 Fascist Free 503 members, some in ballistic vests banishing firearms, shields, umbrellas, bats, and gas masks to the capitol grounds.

Multiple videos uploaded to Twitter and other social media outlets depict vehicles that were struck with paintball guns, eggs, pepper spray, baseball bats, and a flag that was taken from a bystander’s car and burned as police rushed in to clear the area.

Andrew Alan Foy, 34, was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. William Lloyd Isham, 34, was arrested for interfering with a police officer, and has a record for a previous arrest for rioting in Portland.

@Fvckcommies, AntifaWatch2, and @Atlas_EnbyPride posted videos and messages via Twitter.

Nathan McFarland, 33, was on Twitter promoting violence in #Salem. In one incident,  individuals began vandalizing a Trump supporter’s truck and pulled a gun on them.

Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke Jr., @SheriffClarke, tweeted, “[The] City of Portland still playing patty-cake with liberal left-wing ANTIFA riot makers.”

Oregon State Police arrested several individuals for disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and other charges.

Anthony Villaneda, 18, was arrested and detained for a felony count of assault of a police officer, attempted assault of a police officer, carry concealed weapon-knife, and unlawful use of a laser.