SHERMAN OAKS—A body-cam video was released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday, December 5, of a suspect wanted for the murder of 52-year-old maintenance worker, Antonio Centeno Rodriguez, of Panorama City

Undercover police officers shot and killed, Lazzeri James Frazier Jr., 21, of Van Nuys, in October 2019. He was wanted by authorities for the robbery of a liquor store owned by Taranjit Singh. The suspect was under close surveillance for several hours by authorities. Uniformed officers tried to apprehend the suspect as he walked on Kester Avenue and Burbank Boulevard.

Uniformed officers announced that the suspect had a weapon. Frazier started to run in the direction of Kester Avenue towards the undercover officers driving an unmarked vehicle. Officers exited the vehicle, identified themselves and shots were fired from Frazier and officers.

After the shooting transpired, an investigation commenced and officers discovered a loaded weapon next to the Lazzeri’s body. The weapon was identified as a .380 semi-automatic handgun.

The complete investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and the Board of Police Commissioners and the Office of the Inspector General to determine the thoroughness and accuracy of the investigation and whether the use of deadly force complied with LAPD’s policies and procedures. Additionally, representatives from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office who responded to the scene will review the subsequent FID investigation; evidence collected and witness statements to determine if the force used by the officers(s) was reasonable.