HOLLYWOOD—So this mystery involving Anna Devane, the WSB, Jameson Forsythe and Pikeman has my interest peaked to the max on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” If there is one thing the writers from “GH” do well it is dropping hints and clues to the viewer. You all can thank me for pointing out weeks ago that Charlotte did NOT start that fire at Anna’s house. There was another party at play and it seems Forsythe was that individual because he had burns on his body and his corpse has disappeared courtesy of the WSB.

Anna is keeping things close to her chest because, let’s be frank, who can she actually trust? Valentin withheld information about Charlotte that led to her almost being killed. Yeah, I said Anna and Valentin were dunzo and we got that confirmation last week as Anna made it clear things in the romance department between them is over.

Yes, that file that Anna had in her possession is connected to her past, and the audience still has no idea as to why, but it is obvious a bigger villain or secret from the past is in play and the WSB is involved, but the question I want answered is when will Anna clue her former hubby Robert on what is transpiring. He might not be with the WSB anymore, but I’m sure he still has connections and if not him, his brother Frisco absolutely does. Let’s chat about Pikeman because a mystery player has come to Port Charles and the audience has a slice of his agenda, but his interest in Carly Spencer is interesting.

I am referring to Brennan, who seems to be smitten by Carly. At first, I thought it was innocent, but it is obvious that Brennan wants something from Carly. The obvious answer would be information on Sonny, but that seems far too easy if we’re being honest, so I’m wondering if Carly is about to fall for Brennan’s charm and how she will play a vital role in this storyline because she is an important element that has not been fully fleshed out just yet. Then we have Dante who has that key that belonged to Forsythe that he is keeping from Anna but is telling Sam all about.

Dante you are a detective, your expertise in such matters is nothing compared to Anna’s experience. You are investigating this alone, and I feel will not yield the result and answers that you are hoping for. If Anna’s warning is telling us anything, it looks like Dante could be in some serious danger with this move. Yes, we’ve spent plenty of time on this tale because it’s important, but more things are happening in PC. Jossyln is FINALLY peeling back layers of Dex. We know he had a troubled childhood growing up, his mom was cheated on by his father repeatedly and his brothers are no saints.

I feel like the hints are coming that a sibling or member of Dex’s family is going to make their way into PC and some secrets about this character will finally be spilled. With that said, Joss is being pulled in another direction helping that student who is an emotional mess. Yes, Joss I would not say has a giving heart, but we are seeing more of that as of late, I think in the writer’s effort to humanize the character a bit and make her less of a hypocrite and pariah than what she was previously perceived in past months.

Curtis could garner the opportunity to walk again with a medical trial (which I always expected) courtesy of Portia, which is bringing them closer. The bond between Spencer and Trina is continuing to grow and I believe that is a direct result of Spencer FINALLY coming to terms that Ace is not his responsibility. It is his father’s. This does raise the question of what will happen with Esme. Will she ever regain her memory or will we ultimately see the character make an exit from the soap.

Chase and Brook Lynn are engaged, glad to see that transpire, just as Tracy Quartermaine returned back home and is already wrecking a bit of havoc. Finn is facing some legal woes, just as Violet is hoping to push her father and Liz closer to marriage. Don’t see that happening anytime soon, but you never know. Nina is still mulling over Michael’s restraints on her seeing Willow and her grandkids, but she is not able to spill the actual truth to Sonny about why, but it feels we’re getting closer and closer to that secret coming to light.

If that was not enough, someone seems to be blackmailing Ava. We know it ain’t Austin because he’s dead, and many PC players seem to think Ava was culpable in his murder. I doubt it, it seems too easy. However, who is sending those threats? My money is on Nikolas, but if it turned out to be someone else, let’s say Morgan Corinthos wouldn’t that be the shocker of all shocks? Whoever the tormentor is, it better be a jaw-dropper of a reveal.