HOLLYWOOD—It is so frustrating when you see a player on a soap opera do good, to only get shut down as a result. Yes, that is what unfolded to Leo Stark on “Days of Our Lives”. Dimitri, his sweet love confessed during that prison visit that Nicole’s baby boy is indeed alive and in the hands of Sloan and Eric. Leo might be wicked, but even he realized that Sloan’s move was wicked and wanted to spill the tea.

He actually went to EJ and Nicole and tried to spill the truth only to be punched by EJ, whose level of rage seems to grow every minute. Dimitri begged his lover to hold onto the secret and use it to his advantage, which Leo did by confronting Sloan about her little secret. I can only guess that Leo wants Sloan to help get Dimitri out of prison. Oh, that is so obvious. Sloan, the longer you hold onto this secret the more enemies and demands that are going to be made on you.

Roman is finally opening up to Sloan being in Eric’s life, but when this secret comes out that will change it all. It is so obvious the writers are planning to reunite Eric and Nicole at some point because why in the hell would they not. Eric is being that listening ear for Nicole in her time of grief, just as that DNA test was fixed to prove that Jude is not Nicole’s son. We can thank Melinda, Sloan and that doctor at the hospital for fixing those results. Melinda you might be an adoption lawyer now, but you’ll soon be disbarred when your role in this chaos is exposed.

In addition, what the hell happened “Days of Our Lives” writers when it comes to the death of Li? It came and went with little to no impact, Gabi was carted off to prison and we all know she didn’t kill the guy. I want to see more of this mystery exposed it is the right thing to do. Stefan is secretly playing mobster behind the scenes with Ava, not realizing Harris has been tasked alongside Jada and Rafe to halt the drugs that are peddling into Salem. If Harris only knew what his new love is up to.

Speaking of Jada, she has a secret, and it is a whopper. She was married to Everett. Yes, that guy who has been pining after Stephanie was once married to Jada and he gives off major con artist vibes, if I have to be honest. I cannot wait to see these two come face-to-face and Everett to be exposed a bit. He cracked the case on who purchased the newspaper and got him fired, it was Chad. Chad’s sneaky move led to Stephanie not only confronting him but moving out of their apartment as a result. Chad’s dark side is being exposed more and more people.

Tate and Holly are teens that are just annoying. Holly, Johnny is too old for you and he’s with Chanel, so move on. John and Steve are working on the case to expose Konstantin in the role he played in Victoria’s kidnapping and exposing him as a con artist. All this is happening, as Theresa is showing her cards and not covering her tracks well, Brady is on to her keeping a secret and I feel Theresa is about to be exposed sooner than later by multiple parties and we’ll see Xander hold his actual birthright.