BEVERLY HILLS—California Governor Gavin Newsom alongside Superintendent Tony Thurmond and the California Department of Education were crafting guidelines on May 29 for when schools in the region can reopen.

Los Angeles County released on Wednesday, May 27, a 45-page document detailing the framework for the process of opening schools back up amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The framework discusses options such as resuming face-to-face classes or hybrid styles of learning and what each means for students, teachers and parents.

Questions as to the safety of the public in relation to the pandemic have been raised with schools reopening. Thurmond said in a conference on May 27 that schools will be acting in ordinance with proper health guidelines:

“A big part of what we’ll do is taking temperatures at school and in some cases asking parents to take it before they leave home. We know that our best work to prevent the spread of infection is our preventative work,” said Thurmond.

Several mandates are in place to ensure students and faculty wear protective face masks at all times. Other tactics will include the enforcement of remaining six feet social distancing and eating lunches in a classroom as opposed to crowding a cafeteria.

The opening of schools, as stated by Thurmond, will be different based on each district and what is best suited for the safety of the public.