HOLLYWOOD—I must say I am surprised with the latest turn of events on “The Young and the Restless,” particularly the pairing of Adam Newman and Sally Spectra. Now that Summer and Kyle have officially department Genoa City and Harrison has joined them, more stories are opening up on the soap one’s that are intriguing to say the least, that being between Sally and Adam. Look, I’ll be the first to admit I thought Sally was a goner once she was exposed for her duplicitous role in ushering Summer Newman out of town, but nope the writers have pivoted and in an interesting way to say the least.

How so? She has found a friend in Chloe and Newman Media particularly that fashion house that Chloe and Chelsea has been pushing. Phyllis really did her best to make Sally the town pariah, I mean even Nikki Newman thought she had to issue threats. I was totally laughing at the scene because I’ve felt Nikki and Victor’s time on the soap is long over, well maybe not Victor, but Nikki without a doubt. The character has no pull and hasn’t had a viable, yet interesting storyline in years so it’s like go enjoy retirement on the ranch Nikki, your services are no longer needed.

However, Phyllis needs to be careful, it is so obvious the writers are pushing a possible reunion with Jack and Phyllis anyone who doesn’t see it is a fool. I mean she is constantly running into him, talking about their children and let’s face it, Jack and Phyllis have way better chemistry than Nick and Phyllis; there I said it. I can tell you precisely what is going to unfold, Phyllis is going to hook-up with Jack, Sally is going to learn about it and in the process blow Phyllis’ world apart just like she did Sally’s world.

It will NOT be a good look for Phyllis who cheated on Jack all those years ago with Billy and now is going the same thing again, this time cheating on Nick with another Abbott sibling. Oh, Phyllis you just never learn. With that said, Adam and Sally, I just never thought of the idea, but it works. Both baddies who are bonding over their past constantly haunting them. At first I thought an Adam and Sharon rekindling might happen, but I’m way more intrigued by him and Sally.

It just seems like an odd pairing, but one where they could light GC on fire if they want. Chloe has warned Sally to steer clear of Adam, and even Kevin got in on that conversation, but Sally likes to play with fire so who knows what could happen. Speaking of lighting the town on fire, Victoria and Ashland’s burgeoning romance continues as they near a wedding date for October. Hmm, looks like the big bomb of what Ashland might be hiding could come out around that time. Victor suspects Ashland is lying about his terminal illness, just as Nick has also picked up on those vibes.

I initially thought the same thing in the beginning, but then I thought that would be a ton of work for someone to go thru so much to do what? Acquire Newman Enterprises? I can see it, but would you toy with people’s emotions to that degree by faking an illness, especially a complete stranger? I can see Ashland doing that to Tara and Kyle, but not Victoria, it just seems too far-fetched. One thing is for sure, Victor smells a rat and with Nick by his side, and Billy also poking his nose around, the trio will indeed discover some skeletons in Locke’s past that he does not want to come out and that is intriguing to say the least.

I don’t want to talk about this story because it’s so obvious, but we have to anyway. The disappearance of Mariah, which feels like months if I’m being honest, but in the soap arena, apparently it’s only been a few weeks at most. She is being held captive in a room where someone knows she is pregnant and taking well care of her. Mariah has run thru scenarios of who would want to kidnap her and that has spilled over to Rey investigating all angles including Adam and Tessa. All dead ends people because the guilty party is none other than Stitch! While it hasn’t been revealed yet, I can tell you 95 percent I’m certain he is the person who is holding Mariah hostage, hoping her baby can somehow help his son Max who has been suffering medically for quite some time.

The moment he came back into town I knew he was up to something. Abby is leaning on Stitch as moral support, but someone has picked up on some interesting behavior: Devon. Devon questioned why Stitch remained in GC if he didn’t get that big job he had been talking about that went to Nate. Devon knows what’s up and went directly to Victor with his theory. That would explain his reasoning for hiring and private investigator to get to the truth. My concern is digging is going to place Devon in danger in the very near future because Stitch doesn’t want anyone to interfere with his plans people. With Mariah in labor, its certain that the culprit will be revealed real soon, if it’s not Stitch I will be floored America that “Y&R” pulled one over me.