BEVERLY HILLS—Barrister Executive Suites, an office space leasing company  opened a new location in Beverly Hills, according to a press release from Friday, July 10.

The new location is in Suite 301 at the Bank of America building located at 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard. According to Barrister, the suite has exposed ceilings and its own outdoor terrace.

Barrister is offering packages starting at $99 at the new location. Companies “can choose any combination of services such as professional call answering, mail handling, or conference room usage on occasions when they need to have an in-person meeting.”

Vice President of Leasing & Marketing for Barrister Carrie Gates said the company is “experiencing increased demand from companies seeking our workspace environment.”

“[Our leases] give companies the agility they need to respond to changing market conditions, and the services which we include allow workers more time to focus on their core business and revenue generating tasks,” said Gates, highlighting the virtual programs offered by Barrister. 

Barrister indicated that the shared office space model has advantages over traditional office space rental. 

Barrister noted that shared space are a “cost-effective alternative for professionals who want to lower their spending but are not willing to lower their business’s image or reputation.”

The building is within walking distance to Rodeo Drive and located near banks, theaters, and restaurants. 

Founded in 1966, the company has 23 locations throughout Southern California. It specializes in shared office space leasing, which provides turnkey office space, virtual offices, and meeting room facilities.