PACIFIC PALISADES—The Department of Water and Power of Los Angeles had given a statement of immediate release on Friday, October 15, reporting on the water condition in the city of Pacific Palisades. The customers of the area may “notice a disagreeable odor at their tap.” The rationale was determined by LADWP and stated “that the odors are the result of a recent algal bloom in the Santa Ynez Reservoir which serves the Palisades.”

They also state that the reservoir had already been scheduled to be removed from service by early November “in preparation of a permanent floating cover.” By doing this, the reservoir will protect the quality of the water in it and prevent any future algal blooms.

The DWP also expressed their sincere apologies “for the poor aesthetic quality of the water and assures its customers that the water meets all health-based drinking water standards and [it’s] safe to drink.”

Anyone with other concerns is urged by the LADWP to call at 1-800-DIAL DWP (342-5397).