STUDIO CITY—Elements Pharmacy, located in a strip mall, was looted during the myriad of protests and riots that transpired throughout Los Angeles County following the death of George Floyd, and is struggling to get back on its feet.

The pharmacy, which is owned by pharmacist Sherri Cherman, was hit harder than any other establishment in the strip mall, with the others seeing minimal damage.

While the looting at Elements Pharmacy is still being investigated, Cherman reported that 25-30 percent of prescriptions from her store were stolen.

Although it will take a little bit longer for a small business pharmacy like Elements to recover compared to bigger chain stores out there, Cherman is still moving forward with running operations the same way she was before the protests began, and doing what she can for her customers in the Valley. “We are set up with twice a day delivery from our wholesaler, so in the morning whatever we realized wasn’t here we were able to get by the afternoon,” said Cherman.

With the help of the San Fernando Valley Pharmacists Association as well as plenty of volunteers, the pharmacy may be able to fully recover.