BEVERLY HILLS–The Beverly Hills City Council just announced the next  public meeting to discuss the proposed budged changes to remodel the Roxbury Park. This meeting will take place on January 26 of this year at 6:30 p.m. at the City Hall and will allow community members to voice their opinions on the future of the park.

The City Council has unanimously reached a decision in rejecting the bids for the creation of the City’s Parks Master Plan, after revising the project and coming to the conclusion that the project exceeds the costs of the City’s budget.  As a result the Recreation and Parks commission in collaboration with the City Council hope to come to a mutual agreement  in order  to approve  lower costs  for the project and any changes to the Roxbury Park. The focus of this scheduled meeting will be to discuss options that will better serve the community and city of Beverly Hills.

Mayor Barry Brucker, told another source that “This is a great opportunity to rethink the Roxbury Park project and get more input from the Community.”

The park renovation project was developed after a call from the community to make improvements to the parks of Beverly Hills in order to beautify the city.