HOLLYWOOD—The end of last week’s episode of “Queen Sugar” was heartbreaking and it became apparent in this week’s episode, ‘Slowly and Always Irregularly’ saw Ralph Angel taking on the burden of seeing members of his community losing their homes and farms as a result of racism and inequity. Darla did her best to keep her husband’s spirits high, but she wasn’t having much luck.

Keke and Micah continued to dance around their relationship, but it was apparent that Keke might still be interested in her former flame. Darla and Violet were hoping to take her pies on a national scale, but it looks like it was a missed opportunity. Dominic should be concerned about Nova spending so much time with Mo, who I think might be interested in the fluid Nova.

Billie was making moves to file a lawsuit against the USDA, but found herself speechless at the appearance of her estranged husband, Vince that Prosper was surprised to see, but Billie was speechless people. I was surprised during their conversation to learn that Vince and Billie have children, both who happen to be college students.

Prosper was finally experiencing a bit of happiness with his new relationship, just a Violet was concerned about taking her pies on a national scale and it was apparent she was afraid of the success that could come her way. A bit of tension in the marriage between Darla and Ralph Angel when she overheard a conversation her husband did not expect her to hear. Be careful what you say, you never know who might be listening people.

Ralph Angel really put himself in the doghouse people. Hollywood gave Ralph Angel some sound advice about relationships, in particular marriage and being careful of not distancing himself from the person who is always by his side. It brought me to tears seeing Violet communicate with Darla that she has worth and she’s important.

Lots of relationship drama in this episode people, Vince and Billie, Darla and Ralph Angel, Dominic and Nova and Micah and Keke. Each have their own drama or complications that are important. I feel Dominic and Nova are at the core, as it appears Chantel was right Nova pushes her lovers away when she is scared. This was indeed a much slower episode compared to the past two episodes of the season. However, the drama did indeed pick up in the final moments once again as Sam Landry made his presence known and it caught the attention of Violet and Nova.

Well it looks like Sam Landry does have a bit of compassion for some people, I think that’s always a nice touch in a villain; a bit of empathy makes them human to a degree. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” fans!