UNITED STATES—For many Americans we are in day 16 of the New Year as I write this column and many of us have committed to resolutions or things for the New Year that we would like to change. Most of us may have already broken that resolution, but I am proud to note that mine is still going strong. I vowed to stop drinking soda; pop, whatever you want to call it depending on the region you live in, and I’ve stuck to it.

Would I be lying to you if I argued that it has not been tough? Of course I would, but I would point out after about a week, things got easier. I don’t even feel myself craving it as much as I used to. Why? Out of sight out of mind! I no longer purchase it for the household so that temptation is no longer there, but if it were in the cabinet or in the fridge, my mental strength has gotten so well-tuned I can tell myself NOT to be tempted and I’ll stick to it.

The thing about resolutions that can be so tough is that you set the bar so high that for some it’s impossible to maintain it. The goal is to start with baby steps and grow from there. My goal at first was to go an entire month or so with only consuming water, and then I told myself that might be near impossible because I love water, but I also like tea, milk, lemonade, fruit juices; I can’t cut all those things out completely and rely solely on water. Well, I guess I could if I had to, but I don’t want to.

Again baby steps, start by eliminating something that you consume too much of, and something that might be unhealthy for you in the first place. I mean soda is loaded in calories. One eight ounce glass is close to 150 to 200 calories, not to mention the amount of carbohydrates and sugar that is the big one in one glass. Sugar is not good for the body, especially in abundance. So by cutting out soda, I’m eliminating a ton of unnecessary things in my body that can impact my overall health.

We all know excessive consumption of soda rather its diet or not can lead to Type II Diabetes. I mean we’re not the healthiest country and for so many Americans we rely on fast food and everything processed instead of focusing on cooking or eating a healthy meal that will NOT only satisfy you, but do great things for the body. I’m not here to gloat or point fingers at people; I’m simply here to indicate that if you’ve fallen off the wagon in relationship to your resolution it is NOT the end of the world!

Get back on the horse and go for round two. You’re going to be tempted, you’re going to give into that craving, but that does not mean you have to throw in the towel. Restart the following week or the next day, if it’s something you WANT TO ACCOMPLISH, the only person stopping you from making that happen is you.

Written By Kelsey Thomas