HOLLYWOOD—Now that the big secret about David Clarke (James Tuppers) is out, what will Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) due to get the edge? Well those plans became apparent in Sunday’s episode amply titled “Repercussions,” as the ladies began to make moves.

The episode opened with David paying tribute to his ‘daughter’ Amanda Clarke at the cemetery. I’m wondering rather David is really certain his daughter is dead or playing Victoria’s game without her knowing it. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) attempted to talk sense into Emily about her father not being the person that she once knew; they have to make moves very carefully.

Marguax (Karine Vanasse) gave Daniel (Joshua Bowman) the go ahead to do whatever it takes to keep Louise under his wing. At the airport David nearly became the victim of a hit and run, which stunned not just the back from the dead hero, but Victoria and Emily. So who is the tattooed guy? Just wait.

Emily made a great assertion that Victoria set-up the ruse to keep Emily away from her father, which further created friction between her and Nolan.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) was not pleased that his life has been turned upside down by David Clarke’s surprise return. Louise continued to use her flirting charm to gain the edge on Daniel, just as Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) feuded with her sister about her past transgressions and may have gotten a good word in with her sister about the ‘truth.’

Charlotte later feuded with her mother about her manipulative behavior; Charlotte sure is a character who can’t catch a break with anyone telling her the entire whole truth. Jack and Nolan shared thoughts about the current situation and how it could affect their dear ole pal. Emily spied Margaux bribing a bell boy in her attempt to get to David Clarke; the ladies traded spars, and Marguax was none too pleased to have her story halted in its tracks.

Daniel gave into temptation, unable to resist Louise’s temptations, just what is this woman up to? Charlotte proved to be just as devious as her mother by introducing David to Jack, knowing that he was not married to his long lost daughter. The look that Jack gave his former BFF was one of disgust and hate, but the meeting between Victoria and Emily brought some major fireworks we’ve been waiting for. Emily gave Victoria a dose of reality, but what you kick out you better be able to take. Charlotte continued to push Jack’s buttons, but it seemed David wasn’t sold on everything that was being dished to him.

Ben began to dig into the murder of Conrad Grayson to find out what truly happened. Hmm, this isn’t good. David stopped by Nolan’s residence to ask questions about what truly happened to ‘Amanda,’ he seemed quite scared of revealing too much that could cause a mental rift in his memory. He truly has no clue who his daughter is.  Jack and Emily did their best to comfort each other, as Nolan updated the duo on his recent conversation with David.

Emily implemented her newest plan to get to her father by using Margaux to her advantage; a story that Victoria would have no control over. Jack chose to confront Charlotte about her twisted behavior; he compared her to Conrad Grayson, which ruffled her fathers to the core. Great job Jack, get underneath her skin. Daniel was a bit moody when Margaux stopped by with news about her father’s scandal. A bit of guilt for bedding Louise I’d say?

David begins to question his allegiances once again, as Victoria’s grip was slowly slipping away. Daniel stopped by in person to apologize to David Clarke offering him his beach house back. The arrival was met with reporters, as Victoria was enraged by her son’s betrayal. Nolan was a treat with the new names for Margaux and Daniel, ‘Marniel’ or ‘Dangaux.’ That was a laugh well needed in this heavy episode! Emily was none too pleased as she saw the couple being major trouble in her plan to get reacquainted with her father.

Victoria made threats to Margaux about her latest ruse, which gave Victoria precisely what she wanted. Daniel got caught in a trap as Louise discovered that he was messing around with Margaux; she chose to keep her enemies allies closer than ever, unaware that she is after his mother.  Ben found himself in hot water for digging into Conrad’s murder. Memories from his past came flooding to David as he rummaged around his home.  Emily heard her father playing a song from her childhood that nearly brought her to tears.

Charlotte allowed alcohol to put her in a bad situation as the tattooed guy who attempted to run David down, took her home.  The final moments were full of intrigue as David Clarke decided to follow in his daughter’s footsteps to exact vengeance. Things are getting good. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!