UNITED STATES−Utah Senator, Mitt Romney has been photographed marching along with protesters in Washington D.C. on Sunday, June 7, 2020. Mitt Romney donned in his face mask is pictured marching alongside other protesters carrying Black Lives Matter signs.

“We need a voice against racism. We need many voices against racism and against brutality. We need to stand up and say, black lives matter,” Romney told reporters.

Romney posted an old photograph of his father, George Romney
marching in a civil rights demonstration in the 1960s.

Mitt Romney Tweet

Mitt Romney is reportedly the first Republican Senator to march in protests over the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN at the hands of a police officer, who has been removed from his position along with the others with him. They are all being charged for their crimes.

Senator Romney is listed as a Republican but has been referred to by many news outlets and poll watchers as a “swing voter,” which means that he votes independently. He may or may not vote along party lines. Senator Romney is reportedly considered a swing voter in the Republican party or one that may not vote Republican. In another case Alabama Senator, Doug Jones is reportedly considered a swing voter that may or may not vote Democratic.

After President Trump was cleared in the impeachment trial. Senator Romney voted to have the President removed from office. News reports indicate that Romney does not intend to support President Trump in the 2020 election.

Mitt Romney’s name is posted all over social media posts on the Republicans for Biden sites.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and some members of Congress marched in D.C. Some State Representatives marched in their prospective states. Most were Democrats though Will Hurd (R-TX) marched in protest in his state.