HOLLYWOOD─The buzz about one of the staple characters on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” has been talked about for months and this week, Sami Brady made her return and blew into town like a storm people. First we had Eli and Lani tie the knot, then Justin and Kayla’s wedding blew up and this week the focus turned to Nicole and Eric. Out of all the characters tying the knot, I was most pleased with these two because the obstacles they’ve faced are far grand than any of the others. I mean lies, deception, drugging, death, the list goes on and on.

However, if Eric and Nicole thought their trip down the aisle would be easy, they never expected Sami to come swooping into town. Oh, and Sami delivered getting into a catfight with Eric and Nicole about Allie and her pregnancy before shoving her rival’s face into her wedding cake. Always count on Sami to do the unexpected people, but we love her for it that much more. I know Sami is with EJ and many think he’s her true love, but I disagree. I thought Sami always belonged with Rafe and they reunited this week to discuss the situation involving her daughter Allie.

Yeah, Sami is NOT happy her child is pregnant and wants to give up her child for adoption. We all know when Sami makes a decision it’s her decision, not anyone elses. More on this tale is certain to play out, but with news that Rafe is headed out of Salem soon, as are Will and Sonny, I suspect Will and Sonny will be the ones to get Allie’s bundle of joy. Oh, that brings another surprise, with rumors swirling that Camilla Banus is slated to be exiting the soap soon also. Just when her tale involving Jake aka Stefan was heating up, she’s leaving the soap series.

That means the twist that I was hoping not to transpire unfolded this week. We first thought, Jake was Stefan, but in came a surprise courtesy of Vivian’s loyal sidekick, Ivan, who disclosed that Jake is not Stefan, but his identical twin brother! Ivan had all the dirt about the details of what unfolded and how Vivian had no clue about it. It left her flabbergasted, as well as Gabi and Jake. So what Gabi thought to be true ain’t true people, Stefan is indeed dead, but Vivian did gain another child. Totally a cop out if you asked me by the writers. With that said, Jake and Gwen have been getting cozy again, much to Gabi’s dismay. Gabi has a lot going on between the Jake/Stefan drama and Chad angling to bring her down.

That makes things very interesting because something is off about Chad people. We still don’t know who drugged Abigail, but what if it was indeed Chad. Some of you might be asking why? Well he was programmed by Stefano and what better way to bring down his adversary than to frame her for a crime that she did not commit? It is quite genius if we’re being honest America. Chad has sparked up a partnership with Gwen, who has an axe to grind with Gabi who is interfering in her relationship with Jake. Jake is torn, but with this new twist, it might work in Gwen’s favor or against her.

With one wedding ending on a happy note, it’s time for the wedding that I’ve been eager for: Ciara and Ben.  Claire has implemented a major thorn in the melee. The ring been crafted for his sweet love has gone missing, and it’s apparent that Claire had a fingers all over it. Ben sees it, but Ciara refuses to. With the big day just mere hours away, questions about Claire’s motives continue to circle, but how NO ONE can see it I cannot explain America. With Ben and Ciara’s wedding being the last one on the “Days” circuit at this point, and that rumored death to transpire, one can only imagine who will bite the dust. All I can say is several notable faces will no longer be on the soap in the near future, I’m hoping the greatly departed is not a fan favorite!