SANTA MONICA—On Monday, November 1, the city of Santa Monica announced on its website, the city’s Forty-First Emergency Supplement signed on October 29, 2021 extending the remaining local emergency orders through January 31, 2022. It also extends Santa Monica’s protections against eviction for reasons other than nonpayment of rent and renews the landlord’s eviction reporting requirement.

According to a press release from the city, the order adopts provisions of the Los Angeles County’s COVID-19 Tenant Protections Resolution, including residential eviction protections for reasons other than nonpayment of rent (such as no-fault termination of leases, owner move-ins, nuisance, and unauthorized occupants or pets). The supplement revises the email ( to where landlords should send any notices of endeavors to evict.

The residential eviction moratorium for nonpayment of rent has ended, but the statewide rental assistance program is ongoing, and residential tenants cab still be protected from eviction if they apply for state rent relief. To date $18.5 million has been paid to Santa Monica landlords and tenants, with an average assistance of $16,207 per household. Applications for rent and utility assistance are still being accepted at Tenants in Santa Monica and landlords who need help applying for state rental assistance can call 311.

Later expiration dates indicated specific supplements remain unchanged as do the emergency orders that have not previously expired or been modified. This includes suspension of water shutoffs for nonpayment of water bills; adoption for enforcement of Los Angeles County public health orders; time limits on loud construction activities; reporting requirements on notices of endeavors to evict, and extensions of deadlines for planning and permit-related activities.

“As we enter the holiday season and we once again gather safely with friends and loved ones, remember that COVID-19 remains a serious threat and there are measures we can take to prevent its spread,” said City Manager David White. “Get the COVID-19 vaccine or booster if you are eligible and remember to schedule a flu shot. Enjoy celebrations outside and if moving indoors, ensure your company is vaccinated. Thank you to the nearly 87 percent of our community who has received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

For the latest details, visit, or call 3-1-1. To view the 41st Supplement click here Forty-First Supplement.